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Woman who played young girl in The Holiday says her own daughter doesn't recognise her in film

Woman who played young girl in The Holiday says her own daughter doesn't recognise her in film

Miffy Englefield revealed that her kid refuses to believe it's her on screen when they sit down to watch The Holiday.

There's nothing like a kid questioning your career to bring you right back down to earth.

Poor Miffy Englefield grafted her socks off at the tender age of six to star in The Holiday, but her own child refuses to believe it's actually her mum on screen. Take a look at her acting prowess here:

She took on the role of Jude Law's sophisticated daughter Sophie in the 2006 Christmas classic, who was handy at cutting out stars, starting a conga line and noticing how many marshmallows were in everyone's mug of hot chocolate.

Miffy managed to capture the hearts of viewers alongside her giggling sister Olivia (Emma Pritchard), with their attempt at playing cupid for their widowed dad.

And let's not forget how they pleaded with their father to do his 'Mr Napkin Head' impression in front of the stunning blonde, aka Cameron Diaz, who had turned up on their doorstep. Good old family fun.

The well-mannered young girl with the fringe is all grown up now though - and the self-described 'hot mum' has a new look, and her own daughter to make hot chocolate with.

Miffy starred in The Holiday when she was just six-years-old.

Miffy has swapped movie sets for social media these days, despite going on to earn gigs on Casualty and The Whistleblowers, as well as a role in the short film Beautiful Enough.

The Holiday will always be the biggest point of pride on her acting CV though - despite the fact she was 'pretty clueless' about how big her cast mates were at the time.

The 24-year-old worked alongside cinematic icons Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jack Black as a kid, but she only realised the gravity of their fame when she was much older.

She explained her own daughter is going through a similar dilemma regarding The Holiday right now - as her three-year-old Frankie, who she shares with her partner Alex, can't grasp the fact her mum is in the film.

The child star is now 24-years-old and a mum.

Miffy told Metro: "[My daughter’s] seen it. She was a bit confused why I had ginger hair and I wasn’t the darker haired one seeing as I’ve had black hair her whole life.

"She still can’t quite get her head around the fact that I’m the lighter haired one.

"Every time she’s seen the clips she asks: 'Are you sure?' If you ask her now what film mummy was in she’s like 'The Holiday' which is lovely. I didn’t show her it, it was not out of my choice.

"My family and friends like to see it as just a constant running joke to bring it up as much as possible to embarrass me around Christmas."

The child star explained she previously 'couldn't stomach' watching the festive favourite as it made her 'cringe' seeing herself on screen, but she has since 'softened' towards the film after becoming a mother.

The mum says her daughter Frankie doesn't believe it's her in the Christmas film.

It didn't stop her dad - who accompanied her on set for shooting - religiously sticking it on every single year though.

Miffy also revealed she has some memorabilia from The Holiday which was given to her and Emma Pritchard from her high-profile co-stars, which she can't wait to pass down to Frankie.

She added: "On my last day of set, I was given a present from Jude and Cameron.

"They got us a personalised jacket made with 'The Holiday 2006' written on the back and our names on the front, all embroidered. I’ve also got the back of my little director’s chair that has my name on it as well.

"My daughter will be big enough for a couple of years to wear the jacket that I have which is so cute. So that will be a lovely thing to look forward to."

So if you see a mini Miffy running amok through the Christmas aisles in a bedazzled jacket, don't be surprised.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@miffz_ / Sony

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