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The website from The Holiday is an actual thing and it could save you lots of money

The website from The Holiday is an actual thing and it could save you lots of money

The site which Amanda and Iris used to orchestrate their house swap isn't fictional

If you've ever fancied yourself as Kate Winslet or Cameron Diaz, why not go the whole hog and reenact their house swap in The Holiday.

I'm not promising you will find your own Jude Law or Jack Black if you're looking for love, but you will certainly have an extraordinary experience - and you might save a few quid too.

The home swapping saga drives the plot of the iconic Christmas film, as Iris (Winslet) and Amanda (Diaz) swap lives over the festive period to escape their heartbreak after bad breakups.

Long story short, they end up finding love close to each other's homes and the exchange was a roaring success.

Although we can't make you a character in the 2006 Nancy Meyers flick, you can certainly follow their lead.

The website which Iris and Amanda both ended up browsing in the midst of their messy splits is actually real and has been helping people live out their The Holiday fantasies for years.

You could channel your inner Cameron Diaz and take a transatlantic trip.
Universal Studios

You can head on and scroll through hundreds of stunning properties before you find one that fits your requirements.

Members can then organise a swap, whether simultaneously or on different dates, to get a taste of a different way of life for a week or two.

Trading your property or hosting a visitor also earns you 'Guest Points', which you can then use at a later date to travel to a destination of your choosing.

The amount of these you get obviously varies, depending on the size, amenities and the location of your pad - and the more you host, the more you earn.

Using these as a currency to fund your holiday is certainly much cheaper than forking out for accommodation.

You get to experience the cosiness of another person's pad - a home from home, if you will - while also having access to the likes of a kitchen and washing machine without forfeiting your privacy.

The site Iris and Amanda use in the film actually exists.
Universal Studios

Or, if you're like Iris, you can bawl your eyes out over an idiot bloke without the fear of next door hearing the whole thing through the paper thin walls of your hotel room.

Another attractive aspect of home swapping is that you can utilise other perks that come with it, such as using each others cars or looking after each others pets.

Again, this will save you a significant chunk of cash instead of forking out for a rental vehicle or putting your pooch in the kennels.

There's currently a charming five-bedroom home in Harrow, Middlesex, up for an exchange on the site and the owner is looking to swap with someone for a 'ski resort' vibe.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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