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John Wick like movie with near perfect IMDb score now getting theatrical release as it’s ‘so good’

John Wick like movie with near perfect IMDb score now getting theatrical release as it’s ‘so good’

People are predicting big things

A movie with a near-perfect IMDb score will be heading straight to cinemas after original plans to be released on Netflix.

The movie stars Dev Patel - who also produced and directed the film - and is filled with action-packed scenes and edge-of-your-seat tension.

It's actually Patel's directorial debut and by the sounds of it, it's going to be a banger.

The movie will hit cinemas in April.
Universal Pictures

The John Wick-style movie follows Patel as Kid, a young man who works in an underground fight club.

Every night, wearing a gorilla mask, he is beaten by more popular fighters in order to make money.

Fast forward a few years and after so much suppressed rage, Kid discovers how to 'infiltrate the enclave of the city’s sinister elite'.

Grappling with trauma, Kid seeks revenge on a group of men who destroyed his life.

Universal explains: "As his childhood trauma boils over, his mysteriously scarred hands unleash an explosive campaign of retribution to settle the score with the men who took everything from him."

You can watch the trailer below:

Monkey Man also stars Sharlto Copley, Pitobash Tripathy, Vipin Sharma, Sikandar Kher, Sobhita Dhulipala, Ashwini Kalsekar, Adithi Kalkunte and Makarand Deshpande.

Jordan Peele also served as producer, which is yet another clue the movie is going to be *huge*.

Variety reported that having originally been backed by Netflix, once Peele bought the rights for Monkey Man, a theatrical release was confirmed.

And it is already scoring a whopping 8.6 on IMDb, meanwhile critic reviews over on Rotten Tomatoes has it scored at 88 percent.

One fan wrote on X: "Casual reminder that this was supposed to go straight to Netflix but Jordan Peele saw the film early and thought it was so good that it had to get a theatrical release so he acquired it from Netflix and is releasing it for Universal.

"That alone should be a great sign."

Dev Patel stars and directs.
Universal Pictures

The film hasn't even been released yet and critics are already raving about it.

Scott Menzel wrote on X: "Monkey Man is Dev Patel’s loving tribute to all things action. It’s like John Wick but on Steroids. An insanely violent revenge film. Dev Patel directs the hell out of this thing and there are some seriously insane sequences that make you go how did they do that?"

Frederick Nuti said: "Monkey Man directed by Dev Patel is one of the best action movies of our time. His directorial debut and he absolutely executes it masterfully. Visceral and action packed with a new style unseen before! People are gonna absolutely love this! Talented as hell!"

The movie hits UK cinemas on 5 April.

*Books tickets*

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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