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Forgotten movie where Margot Robbie plays a serial killer comes with an unhinged twist

Forgotten movie where Margot Robbie plays a serial killer comes with an unhinged twist

If you fancy something twisted, put this film on your watch list

If you've made your way through the likes of Saltburn and you're looking for another pretty twisted movie to watch, then you might want to try this forgotten Margot Robbie flick

The 2018 movie stars the Aussie actor as a murderous assassin who's even more villainous than Harley Quinn.

Check out the trailer below:

The film, called Terminal, is directed by Vaughn Stein and follows Robbie's character Annie as she murders fellow assassins, all the while trying to impress Mr Franklyn, who's running the crime organisation.

Meanwhile, we meet a school teacher with a terminal illness (played by Simon Pegg), and a janitor (played by Mike Myers) who are drawn into sociopath Annie's world.

Terminal is pretty gruesome, but it's the twist at the end of the film that had people gobsmacked *spoilers ahead*.

People loved the twisty movie.
Arrow Films

It turns out that Robbie is actually playing two different characters - identical twins.

Viewers learn that Mr Franklyn murdered the twins' mother when they were children, leaving them to fend for themselves and suffering abuse at the hands of a man they were sent to live with.

The twins decided they would train as assassins in order to secretly seek revenge on the man who killed their mother.

Margot Robbie's character is pretty different to her role in Barbie.
Warner Bros.

People were pretty impressed with the twist, with one commenting: "Just watched Terminal not knowing what to expect and it surprised me with some of the twists, even though it was pretty weird I really enjoyed it."

Another added: "Starts a little messy, but - once we land in its crazy world, it becomes a really cool film noir, with a clever script, filled with clever dialogue, fun and clever (and not so clever) characters, clever twists, and an impressive visual style."

You can now watch Terminal on Amazon Prime Video with ads.

Robbie plays two characters in Terminal.
Arrow Films

In other Margot Robbie news, people have just realised that the actor was one of the producers on Saltburn.

Many couldn't believe that the Barbie star had a hand in the movie and have been sharing their shock on social media.


Another wrote: "Honestly love that Margot Robbie produced Saltburn. How iconic is that."

A third added: "Everything actually makes sense when you realise Margot Robbie was a producer in Saltburn."

Robbie was one of the producers on Saltburn.

Robbie even said she wasn't that taken aback by the contents of the movie, even THAT graveyard scene (and don't even get me started on the bathtub).

Speaking of the moment Barry Keoghan's character humps a grave, Robbie told Variety: "It didn’t feel that shocking in the script, because Emerald immerses you into a world so quickly.

"She’s so masterful at tone and plot; she gets you into it so quickly - you’re just immediately like, 'I’m in this world.'

"So by the time you get to something like the bathtub scene, she’s primed you for it. She’s got you. You’re, like, picking at a scab; you’re like, 'I can’t help myself.' Or like popping a pimple: 'I know I shouldn’t squeeze but I’m gonna.'"

Featured Image Credit: Arrow Films

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