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Woman who lived at ‘possessed’ house which inspired The Conjuring details ‘terrifying’ encounter

Woman who lived at ‘possessed’ house which inspired The Conjuring details ‘terrifying’ encounter

The Conjuring house in Rhode Island is full of secrets, and Madison Heinzen knows all about them

A woman who lived in the house that inspired The Conjuring has shared the most terrifying experiences that she has had while living there.

The Conjuring series is regarded as one of the most frightening film franchises in history, and the house that started it all - like all good horror venues - is a very real place.

What’s more, it is the place that 23-year-old Madison Heinzen once called home.

She now looks after the farmhouse in Rhode Island that inspired James Wan’s 2013 spookfest, and - true to the films - she has experienced some strange goings on.

Madison Heinzen lived in the house from The Conjuring.

They include hearing things, seeing things, and generally experiencing some weird phenomena.

However, despite all of this, she told The Sun that she still sleeps in the house pretty frequently.

In fact, she remains totally dedicated to being the ‘ghost host’ at the famous haunted property.

She’s the daughter of paranormal investigators, so it must run in her blood.

Madison’s parents used to own the house, and the things started happening as soon as she moved in.

On the first day the family turned up, she claims that she heard ‘what sounded like a growl’ above her head.

She said she still sleeps in the house pretty frequently.

Madison said: “I was looking through stuff the owner left behind.

“It freaked me out because I was like, maybe I'm not meant to be touching that stuff, maybe they don't like that.”

This was made even freakier by the fact that only she heard the noise.

During another encounter, there were witnesses.

Madison was giving an interview at the kitchen table when - in classic The Conjuring style - she heard two disembodied claps.

“We all looked at each other cause we were all standing still and I was like ‘Oh my God,’”she said.

“Because that was something that happened in the movies that they would play hide and clap.”


Madison is now the 'ghost host' around the house.

Nowadays, she runs ghost tours around the house and uses paranormal detection equipment to attempt to give the visitors an authentic experience.

Despite the house being rigged up with CCTV, no explanations of what happened can be found.

Madison also reports having seen other stuff, such as a shadow figure that had ‘no face, no features [and] no light’.

In truth, she now admits that she tries not to be scared, but instead to treat the experiences as ‘unbelievable’ rather than terrifying.

Well, you’d have to try to think something else, wouldn’t you?

The Conjuring was released in 2013, and told the story of two paranormal investigators trying to figure out what was going on in the house.

Obviously, things take a turn pretty quickly, and they realise that something is going on in the house.

Fair play to Madison, she seems to believe that something is going on in the house too, but she’s going nowhere.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/madison.heinzen/Warner Bros.

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