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People are only just noticing key detail in The Santa Clause movie after 30 years

People are only just noticing key detail in The Santa Clause movie after 30 years

The Santa Clause with Tim Allen is a classic, but not everyone has noticed the little details

We’ve all got our favourite films to watch at this time of year. And while I might say ‘this time’, I’ll more than happily turn a blind eye to anyone watching Nativity in the middle of the summer.

But every time Christmas comes along, our Netflix, Disney+ and pretty much everything else is suddenly filled with festive films from The Holiday to The Grinch and from Love Actually to Die Hard – you know that ‘Christmas’ film.

Another classic, of course, is the The Santa Clause franchise.

With Tim Allen playing the big guy in a red suit with a white beard, the ordinary man becoming Santa was first released back in 1994.

Since then, we’ve had two more movies plus a whole series on Disney+.

But despite the original being nearly 30 years old, viewers are still noticing new things as they watch the film at Christmas.

Instagram page @90skid4lyfe shared a variety of clips from the beloved movie, with text reading: “29 years of watching this movie and I never noticed this…”

The video then shows a compilation of scenes from The Santa Claus where ‘children’ are spotted in the background, from in a diner to at the park and even in the son Charlie’s class at school.

The elves are in more of the film than you might think.
Walt Disney Pictures

However, as viewers look more closely, they’re noticing the little staple pointy ears that signify they’re actually not children at all.

Nope, surprise, they’re elves.

Turns out both before and after the bloke even becomes Santa Claus, there are elves following the characters around.

The caption for this video reads: “The amount of elves are crazy.”

As one pointed out they also pop up ‘in the store window’ at the very beginning too.

Others said while they’ve noticed the elves in bigger scenes, they’ve never spotted ‘the elves shown here’.

Had you noticed all the elves?
Walt Disney Pictures

One joked: “They’re like the Secret Service, you won’t supposed to see them. They had to make sure Scott Calvin was good lol.”

And another put: “One of my favorite things to point when watching lol. There’s a ton of them in the movie!”

Although, some were confused as they commented: “Damn never noticed they were in Dennys as well. But he wasn't Santa yet when that happened…”

But one big fan pointed out: “OMG this made sooo much sense with the new Disney show, Santa never fell from the roof by accident , Scott was selected as the next Santa since the beginning.”

Others hailed the film: “Hands down best Christmas movie ever.”

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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