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Gamer Shows What Happens When You Get 10 Stars On Grand Theft Auto V

Gamer Shows What Happens When You Get 10 Stars On Grand Theft Auto V

As you can probably imagine, it all kicks off

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Ever wondered what happens when you get 10 stars on Grand Theft Auto V? Well, wonder no longer as gamer Madd Carl has made a YouTube video in which he reveals all.

As players of the game will know, the higher your star rating the more extreme response from the police - in normal gameplay, five is the maximum number of stars you can get but there are mods out there that go up to 10.

And, as you can imagine, if you manage to rack up enough crimes to get yourself a 10-star wanted rating... well, all hell breaks loose.

In the clip, Madd Carl, as Michael De Santa, shows himself slowly but surely clocking up those stars by carrying out all sorts of crimes from simply dropping an empty coffee cup on the floor to car theft and later engaging in a shootout with cops.

After his carefully orchestrated crime spree - Madd Carl hits 10-stars and it's at this point that it all kicks off.

Madd Carl

With the 10-stars hit the police come out in force, with helicopters, armoured vehicles and more officers than you can shake a stick at.

Oh and they've also got back-up from the army, who come with their own weaponry, including rocket launchers, and some tanks for good measure.

At this point, it's pretty much in for a penny, in for a pound, and Madd Carl goes for it attempting to take out as many cops as he can while avoiding being killed himself, of course.

Madd Carl

He manages to get himself a (slightly battered) car and then it's Michael, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips out on the open road - what could go wrong?

Ah, yes, a bunch of heavily armed soldiers in tanks who quickly surround the car and capture the three men. Hard lines, guys.

In the next scene we see the trio banged up - so there you go, crime doesn't pay and all that.

Featured Image Credit: Madd Carl/YouTube

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