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Cards Against Humanity is free to download and use as family game for Christmas

Cards Against Humanity is free to download and use as family game for Christmas

All you need is a bit of time and a printer

You know Cards Against Humanity, the 'party game for horrible people', if you always wanted to play it and just never managed to find the time to go and buy it for yourself there's a solution for that.

Simply download it for absolutely nothing right off the game's own official website, right under the 'steal this game' section.

Yes, you can buy yourself a copy of Cards Against Humanity and get the lovely box with all of its cards.

However, if all you have is a printer and a dream then there's nothing stopping you from downloading everything you need.

The one thing you're not allowed to do is make money off the copy of the game you downloaded, as that's very much not legal.

If you'd prefer to print out the game yourself you can just download it from their website.
Cards Against Humanity

You can download pretty much every edition of the game for free, including the standard, family friendly, UK, Canadian, Australian and international versions.

There are also downloadable files for a whole host of fan translations of the game, so whichever language you know best there's a decent chance you can get a version that works.

The makers of Cards Against Humanity have always packed plenty of content into their game, including secret cards that you have to cut the box open to find.

Of course there have been attempts by others to not only steal Cards Against Humanity but the popular card game's thunder as well.

A 'kid-friendly' version of the game developed by people who played Cards Against Humanity and thought it could do with being more family friendly didn't quite garner the same positive response.

Buy the game or download it for free, it's up to you.
Anne Farrar/The Washington Post via Getty Images

One of the reasons for this is that the game Kids Against Maturity contains some Americanisms which didn't travel well when a UK-based family tried it.

One of the cards in the game says 'my big fat fanny', which means something else entirely in the UK to the US.

If you're looking to spice up a game of Cards Against Humanity with some variety then there's all sorts of variations you could try.

Some of them are basic tweaks to the rules, like letting everyone vote on the best card for the round each time and forcing players to loudly confess if they don't understand the meaning of a card they've picked up.

Alternatively, the game challenges you to eat your winning cards and store them in your cheeks, or if you're feeling really daring: "Walk to the park. Call your mother. Live a little."

Featured Image Credit: The Washington Post/Getty/itstommylive/Instagram

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