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Man posts real video from streets of Miami 'to confirm GTA 6 is accurate'

Man posts real video from streets of Miami 'to confirm GTA 6 is accurate'

A 'real life version' of the GTA 6 trailer has gone viral.

A man has shared real footage from the streets of Miami 'to confirm GTA 6 is accurate' and it's eerily similar to the new trailer.

Last month, Rockstar boss Sam Houser said that the highly anticipated trailer for GTA 6 would be arriving in 'early December' and the video game publisher (well, kind of) delivered on their promise.

On Friday (1 December), Rockstar went one step further and revealed that the release date for the first trailer would be on 5 December at 9am ET (2pm UK time).




However, on Monday evening (4 December), the GTA community was stunned when the trailer unexpectedly dropped a day early.

The trailer is set in the very familiar Vice City and the main character is a woman called Lucia.
Rockstar Games

"Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube," Rockstar tweeted.

24 hours before its anticipated debut, the unrealised trailer had appeared on social media early on Monday afternoon.

According to reports, the account was suspended pretty fast - but the damage had already been done.

That being said, the trailer itself largely delivered - with the graphics and storyline looking out of this world.

It's set in the very familiar Vice City and we are introduced to a woman called Lucia as one of the lead characters - who is the first-ever female lead character in Grand Theft Auto's history.

In the trailer, we witness the chaotic fictional Miami-based city over 20 years after the iconic 2002 release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Although it's supposed to be a 'fictional' city, it seems that a recent video posted on X is making the trailer feel very real.

The now-viral clip shows two women twerking for tips on a moving car in the middle of the road in Miami.

And it you look closely at the new trailer, that's exactly what an animated woman is doing - twerking on a car.

"I can confirm GTA 6's realism. I filmed this around 20 minutes after I left Miami airport," Gas, who uploaded the video, said in his caption.

The recent clip is eerily similar to scenes in the new trailer.
Rockstar Games

"Everyone celebrates the release of the #GTAVI trailer in their own way...," one viewer wrote.

"Yeah that trailer matched Florida pretty well. Check out the other spots of Florida and you will see rednecks, gang angers, alligators etc.," someone else joked.

"Rockstar must have sent people to live down there for a few years," a third said.

"GTA 6 is a documentary on Florida masquerading as a videogame," another added.

Although you have to wait till 2025 for GTA 6, it seems that you can see the real thing out in Miami right now.

Featured Image Credit: X/@Septic_Sauce / Rockstar Games

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