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‘Most addictive game ever’ from childhood is still available to play online

‘Most addictive game ever’ from childhood is still available to play online

The iconic online game is still available to play - so what are you waiting for?

There's nothing like a trip down memory lane to make you miss your childhood - especially when you start reminiscing about the iconic online games you spent longer than you'd care to admit playing.

We all spent countless hours crowded around one PC watching our pals have a go, while impatiently waiting for our turns to attempt to earn the new high score.

As well as the countless dodgy links we scoured to find the latest hit games, our younger selves also enjoyed some fun on some more reputable websites.

The main provider of quality shows and online content at the time was undeniably CBBC - which churned out the likes of M.I. High, Deadly 60, The Sarah Jane Adventures and The Basil Brush Show to keep us entertained as kids.

What was even more enthralling for most of us though was getting on the website and having a go of some of the games that had dropped which were inspired by the popular shows.

There's one that really left a lasting impression on Brits too - as people are still desperate to play it even now.

People are still obsessed with the addictive online game.

Although it's highly addictive, Nev's Jam Buster has given us all endless hours of fun and we would never turn down a go.

If you're struggling to recall the CBBC game, it starred the mischievous blue bear, Nev, who appeared alongside Barney Harwood in Bear Behaving Badly.

The aim of the game is simple - you have to use Nev's Jam Buster to get rid of the jam pies which are coming down towards the blue bear.

You need to help him make sure the pies don't reach the bottom, otherwise they will clog up his Jam Buster and he will end up drenched in jam as a result. High stakes, people.

Players have to be on the ball, have quick reflexes and good hand-eye coordination, as trust me, you're tapping your keyboard every two seconds.

Am I jogging any memories yet? Arrows to redirect the machine and spacebar to fire the pies?

Nev's Jam Buster will go down in the history books.

If you were a Nev's Jam Buster addict, you may recall how we could preview what colour pie was coming next by looking next to the Jam Buster before choosing where you were going to blast it.

You needed at least three pies of the same colour to get rid of them and achieve points, but there were also some power-ups up for grabs which made the game a bit easier for the player.

There was flying seagulls and Bouncer Boy to watch out for too, so it really was all hands on deck.

You'll be happy to hear that Nev's Jam Buster is actually still available - so why not have a go for old times sake? Just click here.

Social media users still don't seem to have let go of the iconic game either.

One said: "Nev's Jam Buster was THE best game through school."

Another wrote: "Nah but who remembers Nev's Jam Buster! G-g-g-goooooo. Was the goat can't lie."

A third added: "Nev's Jam Buster was literally the most addictive game ever. It got to the point where you would sneakily play it in ICT to try and beat your mates highest score. Honestly, I would still play now."

Featured Image Credit: CBBC

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