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Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game is being called one of the 'scariest games ever made'

Charisa Bossinakis

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game is being called one of the 'scariest games ever made'

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game is being dubbed one of the scariest of all time.

It's been almost four decades since the original movie was released, and the new game developed by Sumo Nottingham is set to make your skin crawl.

The new gam is based on the 1974 movie and is described as a ‘killer game for fans of the asymmetrical horror genre’ that provides intricate maps, varied gameplay and 4V3 balance.

Not only that, the game features five different killers, including Leatherface, the Cook, the Hitchhiker, and two other family members new to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Johnny and Sissy.


The game follows victims Ana Flores, Connie Taylor, Julie Crawford, Leland McKinney, and Sonny Williams as they search for Ana’s missing sister, Maria while falling into the hands of these cold-blood killers.

And if that sounds terrifying, critics have confirmed that this immersive game will make the hairs on your neck stand up.

Mike Delaney for GamesSpot dubbed the new video game ‘one of the scariest games’ ever ahead of its August 18 release.


“As one of the year's scariest and best-designed experiences, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has reset the bar for multiplayer horror games," he said.

He also praised the game’s bone-chilling sound effects that ‘adapts to every situation, culminating in a pulse-pounding number that plays whenever a player is the last victim left on the map’.

Shack News’ Donovan Erskine rated the game an impressive eight out of ten.


"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a splendid new entry in the asymmetrical multiplayer family. Its recreation of the characters and locations from the 1974 movie is deeply impressive, as it’s abundantly clear that authenticity was a top priority during development,” he wrote.

“It helps to enhance the exhilarating gameplay, though I do worry about its approachability given the deep systems and mechanics."

While Miles Dompier, writer for Window Central, said the game seamlessly transitioned from the big screen to the small as it offers a ‘transformative moment in horror cinema through a modernised online multiplayer vessel’.

“It might be a little rough around the edges in some regards and lack an extensive suite of game modes, but the core experience is undeniably Texas Chain Saw," he wrote.


Do we smell an entire game franchise brewing?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is set to be released this week and will be available via Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Featured Image Credit: Gun Interactive

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Charisa Bossinakis
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