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Gene Simmons Has Viewers In Stitches With Reason He Never Drinks Or Takes Drugs

Gene Simmons Has Viewers In Stitches With Reason He Never Drinks Or Takes Drugs

The 72-year-old Kiss star is known for his theatrical alter-ego The Demon

Kiss musician Gene Simmons had Good Morning Britain viewers in stitches earlier when he was interviewed about his ‘clean’ lifestyle, having advised people to avoid drink and drugs if they want certain, ahem, appendages to work. 

Simmons, 72, is known for his theatrical alter-ego The Demon, complete with snake-like tongue and heavy black-and-white makeup. 

But the rocker lives a much more down-to-earth lifestyle than his flamboyance on-stage might suggest, having told Good Morning Britain hosts Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins all about the advantages of living without drugs and alcohol - including in the bedroom.

Holding his hand up to the camera, Simmons said: “Kids, if you don’t use drugs and you don’t smoke or drink, you can hold your hand in front of your face and it won’t do that.” 

To illustrate his point, he began to shake his hand, adding: “It’s like a car engine – if you put some sand in it along with the fuel, it’s not going to work and you’re not gonna live long pal.” 

Simmons went on to explain the joys of ‘clean life’, saying: “By the way, [it] takes away a lot of lines on your face - I’m not wearing any make-up at all. 

“You should see me though, I wear more make-up and higher heels than the ladies do. 

“Clean life - surround yourself with no stress, just friends. Go to the pub less, don’t do that stuff. You’re going to wind up throwing up on some girl’s shoes when you’re chatting."


Simmons added: “You’re not going to remember and if you drink enough, your spankle’s not going to work. Don’t do it.” 

When Ray asked the star how he'd managed to avoid such vices while working within the famously debauched music industry, he replied: “The word no is in the dictionary. For those of you that are in the Gen Z, a dictionary is made out of paper and there are words in there and it tells you what words mean!"

Many viewers tweeted to share their amusement over the interview, with one writing: "@GMB absolutely loved Gene Simmons interview, he made me laugh so much. Brilliant!"

Someone else agreed: "He is funny [crying with laughter emoji]."

A third said it was 'amazing' seeing Simmons on the programme, while another said he was a 'ledge'.

A fifth added: "@genesimmons loved your interview on GMB this morning, best life advice ever."

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