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Who Is George Tasker From Love Island? Age, Job And Instagram

Who Is George Tasker From Love Island? Age, Job And Instagram

Who is the new Love Island star?

As ITV’s Love Island continues for yet another season of drama and romance, the show has moved into the infamous Casa Amor stage.

The couple’s strength and loyalty will be tested to the max as they are split up and tempted by the arrival of some fresh new faces. One of these newest singletons is George Tasker, who enters alongside five other new boys joining the show.

Here is everything you need to know about this new arrival.

How Old Is George? 

George Tasker is a 23-year old who is originally from the Cotswolds.

When asked to describe himself, he mentioned that on the whole he is a pretty “easy-going guy” who really just likes to make people laugh. 

What Does He Do And Does He Have Instagram? 

George is a labourer who loves to show off his adrenaline filled lifestyle on his Instagram, georgetasker_.

His account has nearly four thousand followers, and it’s clear he is on the app quite a bit, posting a range of pictures from his gym workouts, beach selfies and even a picture high up in the air, mid skydive! 

It also looks like this newest Islander is a big fan of football, posing in the Nou Camp with his friends in Barcelona shirts, so I wonder if he will make the connection between his fellow contestant, the 19-year Gemma Owen and her father, the footballing legend, Michal Owen

What Did George Say About Coming Into The Villa? 

When asked why he was motivated to come onto the show, he explained to ITV how he’s been “single for three years” now, with his only past relationship being with someone from Australia.

He said that “it was a long distance relationship so 10,000 miles apart for almost three years.”

But now George is confident in the future, saying that he is “a lot more mature now and I know what I want in a relationship”. 

ITV also asked George how competitive he was, aware that coming in at this stage means he will have to turn some heads and steal someone away from their previous couple.

George said: “I am definitely competitive but I'm more of a perfectionist with myself.

"I’m in there to try and find someone and if that means treading on people’s toes, then that means treading on toes.”

Pretty confident, eh?

So it looks like George will be a force to be reckoned with, because “if there is something genuine then (he’s) going to go for it”. 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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