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Gogglebox's Stephen Webb Apologises After Pulling Woman Into Pool During Argument

Gogglebox's Stephen Webb Apologises After Pulling Woman Into Pool During Argument

He said he thought it was all 'part of the fun'

Stephen Webb, of Gogglebox fame, has apologised after he pulled a woman in a pool in an exclusive club.

The 50-year-old - who you may recognise from watching the telly on your telly - was at Brighton Beach House when he was apparently pushed into the pool fully clothed.

A source told The Sun that a woman chatting to Stephen's husband, Daniel Lustig, was then dragged in by the reality TV star, who was reportedly 'furious'.

The source said: "She was chatting to Daniel with her legs in the pool when Stephen was pushed in.

"She started laughing like everyone else, which seemed to anger Stephen.

"For some reason he appeared to be furious with her and started shouting at her, then came over and pulled her into the pool."

Stephen has since apologised and shared his own version of events.

The reality TV said he thought it was 'all part of the fun'.
Channel 4

He told The Sun: "I am very sorry if she felt upset or hurt by my actions. That was never my intention.

"I'd been swimming and having dried and got fully dressed, a friend pushed me back into the pool.

"I took it in very good spirits and everyone was laughing and joking so seeing his friend sat on the edge of the pool, pulled her round her waist into the water with me.

"We'd enjoyed a really good time together and I felt it was all part of the fun."

Clearly, being part of Gogglebox has its perks, but no doubt during times likes this Stephen probably wishes he wasn't famous for being on the telly.

The show has proven so popular that it has spawned a celebrity version, in which people who are famous for more than just being on the telly sit and commentate on the telly.

The other day it all proved too much for Roman Kemp though, when his dad Martin made a joke he couldn't handle.

Of course, it is the duty of every parent to be as embarrassing as possible to their children, but few get the opportunity to do so on an incredibly popular Channel 4 show in front of an audience of millions.

This opportunity wasn't one that former Spandau Ballet singer and actor Martin was going to miss.

They were watching a Netflix show called How To Build A Sex Room, which – as you can probably imagine – isn't the best show in the world to watch with your parents.

As the title suggests, the show sees interior designer Melanie Rose helping people to build a room in their house dedicated to getting it on.

The programme clearly got Martin to wondering, as he said to his son: "I don't want a room that’s just dedicated to sex.

"Why can't you have sex everywhere?"

Martin then proceed to discuss his sex life with his wife/Roman's mum, and radio DJ Roman made the understandable decision to leave the room.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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