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Gordon Ramsay tried KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink and gave it a savage review

Charisa Bossinakis

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Gordon Ramsay tried KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink and gave it a savage review

Gordon Ramsay has finally delivered his savage review on KSI and Logan Paul’s trendy energy drink.

The two YouTubers set aside their rivalry and teamed up to launch Prime last year and it has since become an in-demand product in the UK.

The content creators even collaborated with Premier League side Arsenal to have their product available for match days at the Emirates.

Despite fans scrambling to get their hands on the hugely popular energy drink, Gordon Ramsay made it known that he will not be a consumer anytime soon.


During his appearance on Heart radio, the three-star Michelin chef was handed a bottle of Prime. And he did not hold back.

Before even downing the concoction, Ramsay took a sniff and revealed: “Ohhhh, that smells high.”

He eventually took a swig and said: “Oh, Jesus. It’s like swallowing perfume. What is it? I’ll send it to Nigella to cook her pork ribs in.”


But he wasn’t done yet.

He adds: “Could you imagine giving that to a French sommelier with his big French conk? Yeah, it’s like the sort of dregs of a sort of Gino D’Acampo tiramisu.

“What would I give it out of 10? A zero.”

Viewers praised Ramsay for his brutal honesty.


One person wrote: “Gordon is spot on it tastes like s**t.”


Another said: “Still great advertisement for them tbh @PrimeHydrate.”

While a third commented: “When it's not a paid ad and people are honest.”

Prime packs in a heart-pounding 200mg of caffeine, double the electrolytes of the original Prime drink, and zero sugar.

However, the drink is at the centre of some controversy after people began buying the products and selling them for a profit.


A woman recently made headlines after she spent £1,200 (AUD $11,459) on a crate of Prime from the controversial Wakefield shop Wakey Wines.

The woman's jaw-dropping purchase was revealed by the shop on TikTok before it got banned from the social media platform.

Turns out the woman and her friend had endured a 45-minute drive just to snap a couple of cans.

"What made you come from Sheffield?" the shopkeeper asked.

"I've come for my cans of Prime," the woman replied, before her friend added that she'd made the journey for 'some sweets'.

Wakey Wines has been criticised for jacking up the price of the Prime drink, which normally retails for £2 each or £24.99 a crate.

The store has been caught flogging crates for a whopping £100.

The shop was even slammed by Prime founder KSI, who said that their massive markup, which has been made possible by the drinks' popularity, was 'outrageous'.

He said: "No do not pay that much for Prime, I know people want Prime OK, just wait or camp out Asda nice and early, get in Asda nice and early and pay £2, OK, £2 for prime.

"£2 is way better than £25 bro, why. Come on man this is outrageous. You should not be paying £25 for one bottle of Prime."

Featured Image Credit: thisisheart/Twitter. Prime Drink/Instagram.

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Charisa Bossinakis
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