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Ant and Dec absolutely rinse Matt Hancock as he struggles during bushtucker trial

Ant and Dec absolutely rinse Matt Hancock as he struggles during bushtucker trial

Matt Hancock was voted in to do the Tentacles of Terror Bushtucker Trial on I'm a Celebrity

Matt Hancock has completed his first proper I’m a Celebrity Bushtucker Trial, having taken on the Tentacles of Terror after being voted in. Watch his efforts here:

Matt, who was voted for by the public, said in the Bush Telegraph ahead of the task: “The pressure I feel most is the pressure to get the stars. The food really matters, so that’s the thing. There’s 11 stars there, I’ve got to get as many as I can. I have absolutely no idea what it’s going to be but I’ll give it my best shot.”

He added: “Yesterday we got six stars and everyone was really nice about it but you could see the disappointment in their eyes. I’m going to try to get more than six today, that’s the pressure I’m really feeling.”

When Matt arrived for his challenge, Ant explained that he would face a ‘giant octopus-shaped structure’, which was home to an ‘assortment of underwater critters’ including crocodiles, snakes, crabs and eels.

"All you have to do is find and collect 11 numbered stars, in order, 1 to 11,” Ant said.

“During the trial the tentacles of terror will lower into the water so you’ll have to swim around a bit.”

Matt had to tackle crocodiles, snakes, crabs and eels, among other creatures.

As Matt began, Ant also quipped: “You must have met a few snakes in your time in Westminster.”

Mid-way through collecting a star, Matt responded: “Haha… I see what you did there.”

After Matt managed to collect nine stars, Ant pointed out that ‘Number 10 is next’, asking: “What could be in number 10?”

Dec added: “Time to enter number 10 Matt!”


Eventually, Matt managed to collect the full 11 stars, admitting it was ‘really hard’ as he struggled for breath at the end.

“The eels, the sea snakes, I was absolutely petrified,” he told Ant and Dec when back on dry land.

He added: “I can’t believe it. I was so nervous. My heart was racing. I’m really proud of myself for having pulled that off.”

After returning to the camp telling fellow contestants he'd managed to win 11 out of 11 stars, he said in the Bush Telegraph: “The best bit was coming into camp.

"People ran back up to camp [from the stream], it was brilliant.”

Many viewers seemed to enjoy watching Matt take part in his first Bushtucker Trial.

"Highlight of my year," one tweeted.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here continues daily at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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