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Inbetweeners fans question why deleted scene never made series after discovering it for first time

Inbetweeners fans question why deleted scene never made series after discovering it for first time

Fans of The Inbetweeners want all of the show's deleted scenes to be released after watching a clip.

Fans are calling for any and all deleted scenes from The Inbetweeners to be released so they can enjoy one final chance of seeing new stuff from one of the best comedies of all time.

When you find previously unseen clips of a classic comedy it's always a treat, like finding a £20 down the back of the sofa.

When it comes to The Inbetweeners that treat is even more precious since it's one of the funniest things ever put to television.

Somehow one of the deleted scenes never made it into the episodes or onto The Inbetweeners DVDs and fans can't figure out why.

In the clip the lads are back at school after the season two finale where Will memorably, in his own words, 'loudly s**t myself in front of the school'.

Neil's having a crisis of conscience after almost cheating on his 'w**k girlfriend', Jay's pretending he knocked out everyone in Thailand, Simon is still moping over Carli and Will is still getting taunted for crapping his pants in the middle of an exam.

Mr Gilbert even shows up to make fun of Will, then sends Neil to detention for chucking a plate at the wall (it makes sense in context).

The lads have moved on to new projects since The Inbetweeners but we'll always have the memories.
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The whole clip is classic Inbetweeners with Neil being daft, Jay being a complete bulls*****r, Will getting taunted mercilessly by Mr Gilbert and Simon being hopelessly in love with Carli.

While there's always going to be deleted scenes and stuff that was funny but didn't quite fit into the episodes, wouldn't it be great if we could get it all in one place to enjoy it?

Loads of fans reckon this stuff was funny enough to make it into the show, and if there's any more hard to find footage going around they'd absolutely love it if Channel 4 could release the rest.

Since any chance of another reunion seems to be off the cards, all fans have got to go on is any deleted scenes they can uncover.

So many fans watching the deleted scenes said they 'wish they included this scene in the actual series', while others were just happy they got to see a little bit more Inbetweeners in their life.

Finding a fresh clip from The Inbetweeners is a rare treat.
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As for what they're up to now, Joe Thomas (Simon) recently welcomed his first child with Inbetweeners co-star Hannah Tointon.

Tointon played Tara, Simon's girlfriend in season three who ended up dumping him after he took Jay's terrible relationship advice, resulting in him slapping his penis in front of her and begging it to 'get big'.

James Buckley (Jay) just became the first-ever Cameo millionaire after being the first star to earn $1 million from videos on the site.

Simon Bird (Will) is set to star in Channel 4 show Everything Else Burns, with the actor spotted wearing a very unflattering bowl cut for the role.

Blake Harrison has been in ITV sitcom Kate & Koji and would really love it if people could stop yelling 'bus w*****s' at people in the street.

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