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Woman Mockingly Told To Join OnlyFans By Ex Now In Top One Percent On Site

Woman Mockingly Told To Join OnlyFans By Ex Now In Top One Percent On Site

His derisive remark actually turned out to be excellent business advice

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman whose ex mocked her by telling her to set up an OnlyFans account has had the last laugh - since signing up, she's joined the highest earners on the site. Watch her discuss the career move here:

Syd Wilder cannot be pigeonholed. She grew up 'as your average fat kid', before making a doomed bid to become a country singer. She eventually found her feet as a comedian, actor, model, writer, podcaster and voiceover artist.

But it was joining OnlyFans which has proven to be her most profitable pursuit thus far.

Syd set up an account on the content subscription site last April, and within a year, she has reached the top one percent - or to be precise, top 0.6 percent - of creators on OnlyFans. She owes this success, in part, to the sneering advice of her ex.

"I was going through a break-up, and he was like, 'Well, join OnlyFans then,' and I was like, 'I will,'" Syd tells LADbible.

"And so I did - and I wasn't expecting it to be successful."

Syd had the last laugh.
Instagram/Syd Wilder

She adds: "I'm making enough to like cover my bills and everything, but you've got to buy lingerie and different things in order to keep your customers happy.

"It's a business, just like anything else. That's what people don't understand. Like, it's a full time job."

Syd, who lives in Los Angeles, has also managed to use the site to make a positive from a negative - namely through the monetisation of d**k pics.

She estimates she may have received as many as 50,000 of the unsolicited snaps in her lifetime, with the result being that she has become somewhat numb to them.

She says: "I would get d**k pics when I was doing stand up and all that stuff. I actually made a 'd**kumentary' as my closer for my show, it was like a montage of all the d**k pics that I was sent.

"Like, all the d**ks that have never been inside of me. It was so funny. It ended on this yoga guy from India doing, like, naked yoga.

"Anyway, I didn't ask for any of this, all unsolicited. So I've been kind of a little disturbed by all that, you know... but I'm just kind of comfortable with getting them now. Not that I enjoy them. But I'm not fazed by anything. Let's just put it that way."

But since setting up her OnlyFans, Syd has started profiting by offering a d**k pic rating service, charging $50 (£36.24) for a written rating and $100 (£72.49) for a voice note.

"I was like, I want to make money off of this," Syd says.

"If I could have made money off all the d**ks that I saw prior to this, I could be a millionaire."

You can visit her website here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Syd Wilder

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