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Isla Fisher admits she slept with husband Sacha Baron Cohen while he was dressed as Borat

Isla Fisher admits she slept with husband Sacha Baron Cohen while he was dressed as Borat

'Very nice'

Isla Fisher has confessed that she has slept with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen while he looked like Borat.

A lot of couples find role-play a turn-on in the bedroom, whether it's a cop and robber, a doctor and patient, or whatever other weird and wonderful fantasies you can dream up.

But the idea of getting freaky with a character like Ali G, Brüno, and Borat is likely to have the opposite effect.

Who wouldn't want to get it on with Borat?
20th Century Studios, FilmFlex

Isla Fisher, who has been married to Sacha Baron Cohen for 13 years, has likely been up close and personal with all of his characters at one point or another, but when it comes to the bedroom, it's a different story.

The Wedding Crashers star spoke about her husbands characters during a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The aim of the game is simple, either answer a bold question asked by the opposite player, or eat one of the disgusting foods put in front of you, whether it's cow tongue, bird saliva, or a bull penis.

When Isla agreed to play a round there was extra pressure, since she was in a team with former One Direction member Niall Horan. So if she didn't answer a question, both of them would have to eat the gross delicacy put in front of them.

That's why she was so nervous when her opponent Ewan McGregor asked her: "Has your husband Sacha Baron Cohen ever done a character in bed? And if so, which one?"

Isla admitted that she's slept with her husband while he looked like Borat.
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Isla burst out laughing but seemed genuinely distressed over whether or not she should answer the question.

Glancing over at her teammate, she began,"Niall, he's a private guy..." suggesting that they should go ahead and eat a piece of beef tongue.

Niall seemed all for it, ready to dig in to the dodgy-looking tongue, but Isla stopped him.

"No, no wait! No, you know what?" she interjected, "he hasn't done a character in bed, he hasn't."

He has, however, gotten busy with Isla while looking like Borat, she confessed.

"He's had, like, a moustache, a handlebar moustache and he's been Borat, or he's had the blonde hair.

"You know, he's been in characters visually, but I've never heard a 'woo woo wee woo' or something."

James Corden, who had already slipped a 'My wife' joke in there amid all the chaos, couldn't help but ask Isla: "You're saying, never at the end of a romantic moment, has he looked at himself in the mirror and gone, 'booyakasha'?"

Isla replied, "I am saying that, yeah."

Which obviously makes sense - they're husband and wife after all - but is honestly slightly disappointing.

Featured Image Credit: JEP Celebrity Photos / Alamy Stock Photo / Borat

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