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Who Is Jasmine White 403 On TikTok?

Who Is Jasmine White 403 On TikTok?

Jasmine White has been banned on TikTok for her videos.

Gone are the days where TikTok stars were known for dancing – Jasmine White 403, the latest big name on the app, has found fame after she filmed herself eating a raw chicken.

Yes, you read that right. The content creator posting on TikTok under the name of Jasmine appeared to take big bites out of a whole, uncooked bird. Do not try this one at home, as it’s salmonella waiting to happen. As well as the health-hazard poultry, she also shared posts of her biting the head off a raw fish, dipping (you guessed it) raw steak into sugar and chowing down, along with several other strange delicacies.

Users are happily scrolling through their For You Page before needing some serious eye-bleach. Unsurprisingly, her account now seems to have been suspended by TikTok, however screen-recordings and copies of her posts are being shared by other users with warnings and many people are horrified by her antics. The raw fish video was posted with the caption “Today I was feeling a little fishy”. 

Not much is known about her, including her age or where she’s from as she stays silent in the videos, apart from munching away. Viewers have tried to track her down, but she has no other known social media presence. 

Posts also appeared under the name of Jasmine White 305, and the majority of the posts that are still visible are duets where people are reacting to the original videos with horror.  One commenter wrote: "I'm just going to pretend it's one of those hyper realistic cakes."

Another added: "Whoever told me to watch Jasmine White 403 Tik-tok. I hate y'all.”

The upset has moved over to TikTok too, with people tweeting their distress after watching the strange videos.

"JasmineWhite403 on TikTok has traumatized me” wrote one.

Another warned: "DONT search JasmineWhite403 on TikTok."

“Whatever y’all do just don’t search Jasmine White 403 on TikTok. Your whole stomach is going to turn,” shuddered one viewer.

Meanwhile, one other Twitter user wants to quit the internet now: "First video I watched on TikTok mentioned looking up 'jasminewhite403' so my curious a** did and THAT IS ENOUGH INTERNET FOR 2022” they exclaimed.

TikTok hasn’t given an official reason at to why the account has disappeared, and viewers are watching to see if the posts come back under a third iteration of her name.

Bring back the cute dog videos and cooking tutorials, please.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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