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Jenna Ortega wants Wednesday season two to have way more horror

Jenna Ortega wants Wednesday season two to have way more horror

The first instalment was cute, but the actor behind Wednesday Addams hopes the next one is terrifying.

The world was well and truly captivated by Netflix's Wednesday series.

It racked up an eye-watering number of hours viewed by people across the globe and became a massive pop cultural moment.

But now that most people have binged through all the episodes, there is talk about what is happening with the second season.

Netflix delighted everyone when the streaming service announced another instalment was in the works.

It revealed the big news through a teaser clip, which appeared to show the Addams family's iconic hearse returning through the Nevermore gates, weeks after Wednesday managed to save the school from what's probably best described as a reanimated corpse with a grudge against people who are different.

She recalls her intense adventures after arriving at the school, remembering how she was 'hunted', 'haunted' and even 'mimicked millions of times across the internet'.

Wednesday says 'it's been torture' before she flashes a smirk and offers a 'thank you'.

The teaser promises viewers 'more misery', more Thing and of course more Ortega - we just have to hope her delightful roommate Enid will be back to offer a bit of reprise from all the darkness Wednesday introduces wherever she goes.

But Ortega is hoping there is a lot more darkness in season two.

The first instalment was cute as it introduced everyone to the characters at Nevermore and had some quirky and humorous elements to it.


Now that we're well and truly invested in the show, the protagonist wants to up the ante when it comes to the horror side of the story.

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ortega told the TV host: "We just started the writer's room.

"I think we want to up the horror aspect a little bit and then get Wednesday out of the romantic situation, let her be her own individual and fight her own crimes."

You probably won't find anyone disagreeing with you there.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Thank god, the romantic aspect of the first season was the worst part."

Another added: "I'm all for this. The love triangle was tedious and out of character for Wednesday."

A third said: "I personally did not like the romance in the first season, it felt off and forced. Wednesday is the emotionless and her character would never get in a relationship."

Netflix hasn't revealed when we can expect to see season two drop on the streaming service.

But, considering Ortega said the writer's room has only just begun, I wouldn't hold your breath if I was you.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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