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Jeremy Clarkson says woman threatened to sue him after 'trespassing' on Diddly Squat farm

Jeremy Clarkson says woman threatened to sue him after 'trespassing' on Diddly Squat farm

Running a farm can be pretty messy.

Jeremy Clarkson has said a woman once threatened to sue him when she bruised her leg while 'trespassing' on his Diddly Squat Farm.

The Grand Tour presenter has received huge praise for bringing a new audience to the realities of farming through his hugely popular Amazon Prime series, Clarkson's Farm, which follows the star as he attempts to keep his 1,000 acre Cotswolds farm, Diddly Squat, in order.

But, as we know, the ride hasn't been an entirely smooth one for the former Top Gear presenter.

Clarkson was once threatened by a woman wanting to sue him as she injured herself  'trespassing' on his farm.
Mark Thomas / Alamy

Speaking about his farming experiences on Ben and Georgie Ainslie's Performance People podcast, Clarkson discussed the issues of trespassers on the farm - claiming that one woman ended up threatening to sue him after she got her foot stuck in a hole on the site.

Clarkson said he had large signs that said 'free acupuncture' and 'bull in the field (no red trousers)', but that he isn't allowed to erect them due to insurance reasons.

"You can't even put danger in the field because if a bull then attacks somebody and writes danger you are then accepting that you knew it was dangerous," he said.

"Therefore you're liable. So all you can write is bull in the field and let people make their own minds up."

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper.
Amazon Prime

Clarkson continued: "We had one that other day. That woman who put her croc into... You lift a gate post out when you open double gates so you can open both gates.

"We took it out and we were in and out all day long. And she was trespassing on the farm and somehow she put her foot into this hole and then bruised her leg.

"It was then 'I'm suing you'. And there is nothing you can do.

"We were in and out and they just said I should have put the thing back in. I was like... f****g hell... so yeah, it's a constant frustration."

LADbible has reached out to Diddly Squat Farm for further comment.

Clarkson spoke about the incident on the Performance People podcast.
YouTube/Performance People

Elsewhere in the episode, Clarkson’s co-star Kaleb Cooper, also opened up about the economic pressures of farming.

He explained how he makes just 50p an hour through farming for himself, as he won't make any money as a business if he gives himself more.

Cooper said: “When I’m working for myself, when I’m feeding my calves in the morning - I bought eight calves, it’s like a little bit of a new business idea that I’m doing, buying calves in and then feed them on milk, which costs me about £200 a calf, then selling them at nine months, trying to get a profit and trying to see if it would work.

"I worked out the other day - do you know how much my hourly rate is if I pay myself for doing those calves? 50p an hour.

“Then I can make money. But if I put myself at £10 an hour, I don’t make money. I lose money on the calves.”

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video/SWNS

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