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Jeremy Vine calls fitness coach James Smith 'totally clueless' in Twitter row over cycle lane

Jeremy Vine calls fitness coach James Smith 'totally clueless' in Twitter row over cycle lane

The BBC radio host hit back at the trainer, after he criticised the presenter's cycling

Jeremy Vine has hit back at fitness coach James Smith, calling him ‘totally clueless’ for his comments on a video uploaded by the broadcaster.

The 57-year-old is a keen cyclist and had shared a video of him allegedly being cut off by a driver, as they turned and crossed the cycle lane.

While the motorist reportedly apologised, the real collision happened online after Smith retweeted the video and the TV presenter.

“Imagine rushing home to edit this from your helmet cam,” he told his 57,000 followers, before adding: “no wonder people think all cyclists are w*****s’ The driving was perfectly fine. You have brakes, so use them.”

The tweet has since been liked over 25,000 times and shared by 1,300 people.

Despite this, Vine wasn’t about to accept the criticism.

Jeremy Vine has hit back at his critic on Twitter.
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He called Smith biased and ignorant, adding that the fitness coach was the ‘real danger on the roads’.

The presenter referred to his earlier tweet and wrote: “Read this because you have got the Highway Code completely wrong, and it's actually embarrassing”.

In the lengthy thread, Vine later branded the influencer as ‘totally clueless’.

James Smith took to Twitter to criticise the presenter.

The debate continues on Twitter between the two men and many have questioned who was in the wrong during the traffic incident which occurred yesterday (14 February).

According to the Highway Code, drivers are allowed to cross the cycle lane but they are required to give cyclists priority before doing so.

While the car in the video did indicate before turning into the cycle lane, Vine claims that he had little time slow down and narrowly avoided hitting the Volkswagen.

Jeremy shared the footage from the incident online.

He later claimed he had ‘less than six yards’ to adjust before meeting the car five second later.

Unlike the online spat, the driver and Vine settled their differences pretty quickly.

Taking to Twitter shortly afterwards, Vine wrote: “This just happened… He did say "sorry I didn't see you." An apology is always accepted. But this gent needs a refresher driving course.”

In the footage, the driver immediately apologies for the incident. They even be heard saying ‘sorry mate’ as Vine angrily cycles on home.

Despite this, the debate is still ongoing online.

The fitness coach once tracked down a man who left hurtful comments.
James Smith/ Instagram

Ironically, Smith has encountered his own fair share of hurtful comments online and has even tracked down a man who criticised his videos.

Sounds to us like a classic case of those that dish it out not being able to take it, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter @theJeremyVine / @jamessmithPT_

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