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Jake Paul's team responds to big John Fury’s demand he pays out double or nothing deal

Jake Paul's team responds to big John Fury’s demand he pays out double or nothing deal

Big John Fury wants Jake to honour his 'all or nothing' bet.

Jake Paul has responded to Big John Fury's demands to honour his 'all or nothing' bet following his defeat against Tommy Fury last weekend.

After watching his son Tommy beat the YouTuber-turned-boxer in a split decision on Sunday night in Saudi Arabia, John shared a video message asking Jake to show him the money:

Ahead of the eight-round grudge fight, Jake Paul goaded Tommy to bet his potential winnings on himself, demanding an 'all or nothing' settlement.

Tommy wasn't so sure at first, but his dad Big John was more than happy to shake on the wager.

When Jake produced an official contract ahead of the fight, with Tommy promising to take it to his legal representatives, team Fury went 'silent as a mouse'.

Knowing what we now know, if Tommy had signed that contract, he would have come out with double his earnings.

According to Sports Zion, Tommy's win saw him walk home with a whopping £4 million - between the prize money, his 35% pay-per-view share, and his performance bonus.

But if Tommy and Jake had stuck to their deal, he would have been able to take an additional £4 million to the bank.


Tommy Fury won the eight-round fight in the end.

But Big John Fury wouldn't stand for the loss, taking to social media to call out Jake.

He said: “Jake, you know what I’m going to do. We had a deal mate, we had an handshake, we said we’d box for free if we got defeated…”

Big John didn't have to say much more for people to get the gist of what he was asking.

And if you weren't sure, John captioned the video: "@jakepaul PAY YOUR BILL!"

Now, though, Jake's team has officially responded, and it looks like the Furys won't be seeing that £4 million.

Commenting on John's video, Jake Paul's manager Nakisa Bidarian penned an open letter that read: “Dear John congratulations on the win.

"I’ve grown to highly respect you off camera. However this statement is shocking given what you said to me at his Highness’ house on Friday evening and the correspondence from your / Tommy’s lawyer.

"Moreover our team has you on camera refusing to agree to the deal the night of the fight.

"With all that said – fair play to Tommy on a [great] performance. You have raised a great young man. Hopefully he has the courage to do it again. Best, Nakisa."

Jake Paul has no plans to pay out the 'all or nothing' deal.
YouTube/BS with Jake Paul

Well, you can't blame him for trying.

That being said, all hope is not lost for Tommy to get a bigger payout from Jake.

After all, the Problem Child is already calling for a rematch.

Maybe next time, team Fury will be more confident in rising to whatever crazy stunt Paul pulls next.

Featured Image Credit: gypsyjohnfury/Instagram/Str/AP/Shutterstock

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