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Keanu Reeves went from starring in Coca-Cola advert to being the nicest man in Hollywood

Keanu Reeves went from starring in Coca-Cola advert to being the nicest man in Hollywood

As the actor celebrates his 58th birthday, we look at how far he's come

As Keanu Reeves celebrates his 58th birthday today (2 September), a Coca-Cola advert has resurfaced showing just how far the nicest man in Hollywood has come.

In one of his earliest acting jobs in 1983, Reeves played the part of a competitive cyclist in a Coca-Cola ad, who is seen crossing the finish line and being presented with a refreshing Coca-Cola by his proud dad. Check it out below:

Since his humble ad days, he has risen to unprecedented fame in films such as Point Break, The Matrix and the John Wick franchise.

Several people commenting on his old advert have highlighted how his acting has improved since then.

One person wrote: “He sure has grown as an actor," while another commented that the ad shows all the hard work he’s done to get to where he is today.

Another said: “Keanu is the real human being in Hollywood.”

And it’s certainly true.

Keanu Reeves first starred in a coke advert in 1983.

Over the years, as well as incredible list of films he’s starred in, the 58-year-old has also won himself the accolade of nicest man in Hollywood.

Many stories have circulated about his random acts of kindness as well as what a good person he is, and the best part about it, is that they’re not something he shouts about himself.

He really seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

In fact, his nice guy anecdotes include him waiting in the rain for 20 minutes to go to his own wrap party, as well as returning someone’s lost bank card.

There are even tales of him hanging out with homeless people, not as some sort of PR stunt, but because he simply cared, as well as an incident of him driving a girl 50 miles out of his way because her car had broken down.

Keanu Reeves is known for being the 'nice guy' of Hollywood.
REUTERS/Alamy Stock Photo

More recently, he turned up to a couple’s wedding in Nottinghamshire and posed for pictures after meeting them at the bar at the hotel he was staying at.

But despite many reports of his good deeds being published, it’s something the actor is very modest about.

When he was asked his thoughts on being called the nicest man in Hollywood while promoting The Matrix Resurrections last year, he seemed visibly embarrassed and couldn’t stop laughing feeling awkward at the question.

If anything, this only makes him even more of a legend. 

Featured Image Credit: Coca-Cola/Zuma Pics/Alamy

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