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Lady Gaga Is In Talks To Star In Joker Sequel Possibly As Harley Quinn

Lady Gaga Is In Talks To Star In Joker Sequel Possibly As Harley Quinn

The is also speculation Joker: Folie à deux could be a musical.

Lady Gaga is rumoured to be in 'deep' talks with Warner Bros. to star in the Joker sequel.

It was confirmed last week that a follow-up film is officially in the works and everyone is now wondering what Joaquin Phoenix's character will get up to next.

But if the sources that have informed The Hollywood Reporter are to be believed, we could be getting a very different movie to the original.

Hollywood insiders have told the news outlet that Gaga might join Joker: Folie à deux and she could possibly play Harley Quinn.

That role has been played by Margot Robbie in the past, however Gaga's new look Quinn would operate in a different universe to the Aussie actor's.

Joker and Quinn meet at the Arkham Asylum, where Harley acts as the villain's psychotherapist. She soon becomes entranced by the prisoner and joins him on his quest for madness and mayhem.

At the end of Joker, we saw Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) inside Arkham State Hospital before he makes his daring escape. Could this be where he meets Quinn or another bada** villain?

The Hollywood Reporter also threw in a curve ball to their exclusive.

"Sources say the sequel is also a musical," the outlet revealed.

Now that would be different.

Joker director Todd Phillips produced the critically acclaimed musical A Star Is Born, which also starred Lady Gaga, so he's no stranger to making a hit movie with loads of singing sections.

ES Imagery / Alamy Stock Photo

It's unclear what the sequel will be about however the title does give us a tiny insight.

Folie à deux is a French term that means 'the shared madness of two'. That could very easily play into the Joker-Quinn relationship that is seen in the comic books or it could be about something completely different.

Willem Dafoe offered a tantalising synopsis for a Joker sequel before it was officially confirmed.

"There is something interesting about, like, if there was a Joker imposter," he explained to GQ.

"So it would be possible to have not duelling Jokers but someone that [claims] to be the Joker that isn't the Joker.

"And that kind of opens up the possibility of an interesting story, particularly if you had Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, and then you had someone who was either imitating or riffing off what he did.

"I fantasised about that. But other than that I am not talking to anybody [about it], you're the first one."

That would certainly be a pretty decent direction for the sequel to take.

Or we could get Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga singing romantically to each other while Gotham burns.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy. Warner Bros.

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