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Who Is Wrinkles The Clown And Is He Real? Trailer, Release Date And Phone Number

Who Is Wrinkles The Clown And Is He Real? Trailer, Release Date And Phone Number

If you hate creepy clowns then you're really going to hate Wrinkles.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

You might have already seen the grainy video making its way across the internet. A small child sleeps silently whilst a creepy clown lies beside her bed. In true IT style, the clown slowly sits up and mentally scars the poor kid for life. It's a scene which has traumatised thousands of people already, but the scariest part is that Wrinkles the clown could very much be real.

Some sceptics would suggest that the viral video is a marketing ploy drummed up to advertise an upcoming documentary about the freaky clown, but filmmaker Michael Beach Nichols insists that the main character isn't a work of fiction.

Wrinkles originally went viral back in 2015 and is known to be an anonymous Naples retiree. Hundreds of posters with his ghoulish face and phone number were posted around Florida. Apparently, you could hire him for birthday parties, or just to scare your children into behaving.

Is Wrinkles The Clown Real?
Magnolia Pictures

He said he charges $150 an hour for parties, and only people aged 21 or older can hire him. He told GQ: "I'm cash only and mostly do gigs within a couple hours of where I stay in Florida."

If you don't live in Florida, don't think you're safe. He quickly followed up: "I've been thinking about taking the show on the road..."

If you're interested in hiring Wrinkles, his phone number, (407) 734-0254, appears in the latest trailer for the film and it still rings. I dare you to call him.

Wrinkles doesn't just get requests to scare children though, he's inundated with women and goths, he told NBC 2: "I've got women calling me all the time. Young ones, too, like weird goths with chains and stuff. I've had enough psycho women in my life already. That's why I'm divorced."

"I just want to have fun... Have a good time, make a little extra money on the side. Have a little fun before I die."

So, why is it that people are so scared of clowns when they're supposed to provide joy for all the family? Nicols said: "I think that a big part of the primal fear of clowns comes from their traditional access to our children

"Here's a stranger, usually a man, wearing brightly colored face paint to conceal his identity. ... We don't truly know who this person is or what his motivations are. ... In terms of Hollywood, I feel like there's something incredibly intriguing and rich about the light/dark duality that exists or that might exist in every clown.

Wrinkles The Clown Is About A YouTuber Paid To Scare Children Is Utterly Terrifying.
Magnolia Pictures

When the documentary releases in the US on October 4, we'll find out even more about Wrinkles and where he's likely to pop up next.

Featured Image Credit: Magnolia Pictures

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