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Man who has intimate relationship with doll says his partner felt threatened and didn't understand

Man who has intimate relationship with doll says his partner felt threatened and didn't understand

He bought the doll in October 2021 and has since named it Karina

A man who is in an ‘intimate’ relationship with a doll he’s named Karina says his partner intially felt threatened by it.

Aussie Rod - not his real name - bought the doll in October 2021 after going through a bit of a dry-spell, physically. You can see him talk about his dolls here:

Speaking to 7News, he explained: “Home was very empty. You get lacklustre when there’s no stimulation in your life.

“I hadn’t touched a girl in two years - and it all got a bit strange and distant.”

However, despite not being physical with anyone for a while, Rod had recently started a relationship with a woman he met online - unfortunately, she lived more than 5,000km away meaning the two hadn’t yet had a chance to meet in the flesh.

So, he turned to the internet where he discovered the world of sex dolls, but he admitted that he initially found it all quite ‘new and scary’ as it was something he ‘never knew existed’.

Nonetheless, $3,000AUD later, Rob was the proud of his very own life-sized doll - or ‘physical synthetic companion’, as he described her.

After naming the doll Karina Luvly, Rob said he soon began to feel more than the physical benefits from owning it.

The Aussie says his partner now fully supports him.
YouTube/Karina Luvly

He told the news outlet: “All of a sudden, from emptiness, I had something that required care and maintenance and improvement in a feminine way. It was nice.”

Rod decided to get into portrait photography - using Karina as his model. He would dress it up, style the hair and even set up a special Instagram account dedicated to the snaps - @karina_luvly - which now has more than 11,000 followers.

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing. About a month after purchasing Karina, Rod broke the news to his human partner, who wasn’t quite so keen on the idea.

“We argued about it and she didn’t understand,” he said. "The first thing that she’s feeling is threatened and wondering why.”

The doll has its own Instagram account with thousands of followers.

But Rod explained to her that the doll was just ‘keeping him company’ and she soon saw how important Karina was to him.

He added: “She saw what I was doing with the photos and the media and just totally accepted it in the end.”

Rod has since even introduced his 85-year-old mother to the doll, who also accepted the doll as part of Rod's life.

Not only that, but following the success of his Instagram account, Rod has been offered a job taking photos of dolls for a manufacturer in China - and his partner is right beside him.

“She is really happy to support me,” he said. "She was really excited that I got the factory deal ... which will open up fields."

Featured Image Credit: Karina Luvly/YouTube/karina_luvly/Instagram

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