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Logan director reacts to news Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine again for Deadpool 3

Logan director reacts to news Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine again for Deadpool 3

After literally burying the character in 2017, James Mangold has had his say on the news of Wolverine's return.

Logan director James Mangold has reacted to the news that Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3.

While people around the world have been celebrating the news, it seems like Mangold isn't as pleased.

And, I mean, fair enough. He did absolutely murder the character in his 2017 film to give Wolverine the perfect send-off. 

After facing multiple bullet and stab wounds, and being constantly bombarded with life-threatening attacks across the nine X-Men movies, Wolverine finally bowed out in 2017's Logan. 

Hugh Jackman’s character eventually succumbed to his injuries in a battle with his clone X-24, dying while protecting his daughter - in what most fans believed to be the perfect swan song.

While promoting Logan, Mangold told ComicBook that he’d be ‘startled that Hugh was strapping it on again’ if he were to return as the character, considering he literally buried him.  

But, alas, the character is set to star opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3.

Mangold seemingly reacted to the news by posting a GIF of the graphic and character-ending scene from Logan. 

Back in 2017 Jackman admitted: “At some point, you’ve got to leave the party. It’s time to go home.”

But now he’s back to keep the party going.

Fans reacted to Mangold’s tweet, with many agreeing with Mangold’s reaction.

One fan responded: “You gave the character the best possible send off James.”

Another said: “I find it really frustrating that endings can’t be left alone.”

However, Mangold later clarified that he was completely cool with the Wolverine character returning despite what his previous post implied.

He wrote: “Oh my gosh! Everybody chill. Just kidding! I’m all good! LOGAN will always be there. Multiverse or prequel, time warp or worm hole, canon or non-canon or even without a rationale, I cannot wait to see what madness my dear friends Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman cook up!”

Considering we’re in the multiverse era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities that a Hugh Jackman x Wolverine character could be involved.

I mean, Patrick Stewart returned as a multiversal variant of Professor Charles Xavier in the recent Marvel film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

And considering the ridiculousness of the Deadpool series, there probably doesn’t need to have much logic in Mr Jackman returning anyway.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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