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Logan Paul Claims He Made ‘Insane’ Body Transformation In Three Days Before WrestleMania

Logan Paul Claims He Made ‘Insane’ Body Transformation In Three Days Before WrestleMania

Paul made his professional wrestling debut at WrestleMania 38.

Logan Paul left fans both baffled and suspicious after posting a 'three-day body transformation' he undertook ahead of WrestleMania 38.

The YouTuber-turned-fighter made his professional wrestling debut at the WWE event this weekend, where he teamed up with The Miz to secure a win in a tag team match against father-son duo Rey and Dominick Mysterio.

Paul made clear he was prepared for the event as he took to Twitter to discuss his workout routine, though rather than spending months in the gym to obtain a toned stomach and muscled back, he claims to have achieved his new look in just three days.

Paul said he 'maintained a regiment of 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups every day for 3 days in a row' to obtain his newly flattened stomach and protruding muscles, adding he was 'very happy with the results'.

I think it's safe to say pretty much anyone who has ever sought to change their appearance will know that results as dramatic as Paul's typically take quite a bit longer than three days, with healthy eating and a sensible workout routine usually required for weeks on end before results begin to show.

See images from his alleged transformation below:

Paul claims to have made his transformation in three days.
Logan Paul/Twitter

Of course, anything's possible, but Paul's dramatic change has left some Twitter users questioning whether the wrestler was being serious when sharing his pictures.

One Twitter user accused Paul of having 'just pushed his stomach out in the first pics and lightly flexed for the second set', while another responded: "You are so obviously puffing out your belly in these lmao. It's also scientifically impossible to do this."

A third sceptic commented: "Girl I do 100 push ups and crunches a day and I don’t look like this."

Paul says he did sit-ups and push-ups.
Logan Paul/Twitter

Whether achieved in three days or simply by posing differently, Paul's preparations for WrestleMania paid off in his win.

Speaking after the event, per talkSport, the 27-year-old commented: "This is surreal. I cannot believe I got to share the ring with the Mysterios and also won the match. You know this is my first win. I can no longer say I’m the world’s highest-paid loser, that was my thing."

Paul sparked conversation ahead of the event as he rocked up wearing some impressive bling around his neck in the form of a rare Pokémon card worth millions of pounds, secured with a gold chain. The wrestler acquired the Japanese Pikachu Illustrator card from 1998 in a trade that valued the card at $5.275 million (£4.01 million).

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@loganpaul

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