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Lord Sugar makes announcement on future of The Apprentice ahead of series finale

Lord Sugar makes announcement on future of The Apprentice ahead of series finale

Lord Sugar has opened up about the future of The Apprentice

Alan Sugar has opened up about the future of The Apprentice.

Since the reality series landed on our screens almost two decades ago, it's become one of the biggest shows on TV, with millions watching every week.

Aside from the plethora of deluded entrepreneurs the show attracts each year, fans tune in to see what pithy - definitely unscripted and totally off the cuff - put downs Lord Sugar spits out at the contestants.

All in all, it's a simultaneously immeasurably toxic and utterly brilliant piece of television, which I guess is why we Brits love it.

But with the billionaire now into his mid 70s, questions have been raised over whether he may choose to step back from the series fairly soon.

Lord Sugar has spoken about the future of The Apprentice.

Well, the man himself has broached the subject, opening up about what the future has in store for him and The Apprentice.

And as you might expect, he has a pretty clear view of what the show should and could look like without him at the helm.

"I don’t want to sound too big-headed, but a lot of people underestimate me," he said.

"They hear me talking like a cockney, but I know everything, I really do.

"I’m not degrading people like (Dragon’s Den star) Peter Jones, because they’ve done a lot also.”

Lord Sugar went on: "But none of them have done as much as I have. Who would I put in my place? I can’t think of anybody. There’s loads of people that would queue up.

Could the show work without Lord Sugar?

"There’s no reason why I can’t go on to do 25 years. I’m very fit, so I don’t know whether it stops at 20."

So I guess that answers that then.

This comes after the former Tottenham Hotspur owner was called out over an offensive tweet he posted recently.

The businessman took to the platform to make the controversial post after week ten of The Apprentice centred around a dog food challenge.

Tagging The Apprentice, Lord Sugar wrote: "I think the dog looked a bit sad as if he was going to appear in North Korea master chef."

This did not go down well with commentators, especially after the BBC forced Gary Lineker to briefly step down from his role as Match of the Day host after making a controversial tweet where criticised the UK government over its handling of the migrant crisis, saying it was similar to language used in Nazi Germany.

Lord Sugar was called out over a comment he made about a recent episode of The Apprentice.
BBC / The Apprentice

The broadcaster claimed that they had to make the decision because of their commitment to impartiality.

Reacting to Lord Sugar's tweet, one Twitter user tagged the BBC and wrote: "Some casual racism but that’s OK wae @bbc."

"Seems very political based Alan," added a second before asking: "How are u able to be political and be employed by the BBC???"

"Do you ever stop and think before spewing casual racism?" questioned a third

LADbible reached out to Lord Sugar's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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