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Lovestruck High: Next Episode Release Date, Reviews and Cast

Lovestruck High: Next Episode Release Date, Reviews and Cast

All you need to know about Amazon Prime's latest reality dating show.

Have you been watching Lovestruck High? The brand new British reality dating show follows a unique form, sending UK singles to a fake American high school setting for a chance at finding love. The series was filmed in Devon, UK, a seemingly unlikely setting, but actually rather fitting with its luscious green backdrop of hills and woods.

Swapping bathing suits for baseball jackets, a diverse bunch of beautiful singletons are going back to school and getting a second chance at finding their sweetheart by the end of the series. However, they’re not enrolling in your normal British comprehensive - this is Lovestruck High, modelled on the American high schools that we’ve seen in teen movies. 

From passing notes in class to embarrassing school proms, high school can be full of highs and lows, and viewers will get to experience everything from the hilarious to the cringe. Lovestruck High is being showcased on Amazon Prime.

When Are The Next Episodes Of Lovestruck High Coming Out?

Lovestruck High episodes 1-3 came out on Amazon on 18 May 2022. The rest of the episodes will be released on 25 May and 1 June.

Who Is In The Cast Of Lovestruck High?

Boasting a diverse LGBTQ+ cast and voiced by none other than Teenage Drama Queen, y2k idol and actor Lindsay Lohan, this programme is so 'fetch'.

Lohan uses her narration talents to comment on all the gossip, and it makes for a lot of enjoyable, nostalgic allusions to teen comedy-drama Mean Girls.

In conversation with HELLO!, some of the cast explained what it was like beyond the school gates, and stated that they had to act in accordance with extremely harsh rules while filming.

  • Lindsay Lohan as Narrator
  • Ria Lina as Principal Nelson
  • Chloe Zeitounian as Miss Kelly
  • Russell Hicks as Coach Hughes
  • Contestants: Theo, Yasmine, Sin, Max, Junaid, KT, Geoff, Jody, Charlie, Basit, Adam, Chante, Huss, Alex, Jess, Dan, Megan, Alexis, Beth and Kyle.

Lovestruck High’s reviews:

A Guardian review says that Lovestruck High takes on the reality TV “tic” of “extensively recapping” things, and suggests it could effortlessly cut 20 minutes away from its' running time. The review also highlights a moment at the end of the third episode when a twist takes place and “the entire cast starts to act as if someone has dropped dead right in front of them.”

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