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Married At First Sight Australia star slammed for saying she only dates men above 6ft

Married At First Sight Australia star slammed for saying she only dates men above 6ft

But Carolina Santos has hit back and says 'men are allowed to say they like big booty and no one cares'.

Controversial Married At First Sight Australia star Carolina Santos has faced backlash after saying she only wants to date men over 6ft.

According to the Instagram account The Wash, the reality star's Hinge profile has been making the rounds after she requested no short kings hit her up.

In a screenshot posted, under the prompt where it reads, 'You should leave a comment if..' the mother of one has written '6ft or taller'.

And hey, if you're an athlete, lawyer, have a doctorate, earn six figures, or drive a Porsche, that's just a bonus.

Many slammed Carolina for her perquisites for potential suitors, as one person wrote: "Considering only about 15 per cent of men are that tall, she's seriously narrowing down her chance of success."

Another said: "Tell me your values are cooked, without telling me your values are cooked!"

A third advised: "As a 5’10 gal, these short girls need to lower their dating height range. Leave the tall ones for the tall gals. Thanks."

While another commented: "And the under 6ft men all wrote NO WANNABE FAME TARTS."

But some were quick to defend Carolina.

One person said: "Mate, as a girl that’s 5'10 this isn’t a hard or out-of-pocket ask. MOST shorter dudes come with a complex even when they say they don’t. I’ve dated short guys, and it always ends over some kind of insecurity about my height. It’s not superficial; it comes from experience."

Another said: "She’s allowed to have preferences, just like with everything else.. we all have preferences."

The MAFS star also jumped into the heated comment section, saying those criticising her have double standards.

When replying to one user, she wrote: "Yeah, because men are allowed to say they like big booty and no one cares, but a woman can’t say 'I like tall men?'

"What world we live in ??!"

In a statement provided exclusively to LADbible, Carolina said: "It’s not that I wouldn’t date the shorter man. I would and I have dated shorter men. But I am mostly attracted to tall guys.

"I get backlash every time I express my taste in men and I should be allowed to have one."

She continued: "Does that mean I would only date tall men? Obviously not! if a shorter guy checks many other boxes like it matches my energy his height won’t matter.

"It’s funny because if a man say he’s a booty guy no one will take it literally as in he would never date a girl without a big booty. Right?!"

Recently, Carolina made headlines as she revealed she wanted to return to the reality show in 2024.

Last month, the TV bride told Yahoo! that she would '100 per cent' go on the next season.

She added: “Knowing what I know now, I would probably pretend that I’m in love and head over heels for my match, no matter who the hell they give me. They could give me, I don’t know, fricken Nasser [Sultan] and I would be like, ‘Oh my god, I love you!’.

“I would play the victim. I would literally play the victim.”

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9. Instagram/Carolina Santos

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