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Man who is a 'living statue' shows how he gets into his position

Man who is a 'living statue' shows how he gets into his position

There's just one thing that he needs a helping hand with.

If you've ever seen street performers, then you'll know that some of the most impressive out there are the living statues.

Even more so when they perform gravity-defying aerial stunts that leave most passersby scratching their heads. Now, one living statue has revealed how it's done:

The Silverman Statue, as he's known on TikTok, is a seriously talented performer, and he's won himself legions of fans on the platform by sharing an insight into his unusual life.

In fact, he's proven so popular that he has a staggering 13.7 million followers and that number keeps growing.

The first part of his popular act is arguably the most simple: becoming the Silverman.

This involves a lot of makeup to transform himself into a completely silver human being - the soles of his shoes included.

But the really impressive bit is, of course, being a human statue, and this involves performing a gravity-defying stunt that sees him hold onto a shovel that's a part of his plinth.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he has to use a small set of ladders to get into position, and while you might imagine that he's got a mirror below him to make it look like he's floating - he really doesn't.

Instead, his act is exactly what it looks like and sees him support himself a few feet in the air seemingly using nothing but the strength of his arm.

A human statue has explained how it's done.

However, while the Silverman is able to stand up with just his arm and move around in an amazingly statuesque way, there is one thing he needs a hand with - getting back down.

This is because he is registered blind and therefore struggles to set up his stairs again, but thankfully, he's always got someone willing to help him out.

As you can imagine, his amazing act and story have received a lot of comments online.

Some viewers have speculated that he has a rod of metal inside his jacket that's helping to support him, but regardless, we think you'll agree that it's still an incredible aerial stunt.

"Saw this guy back in 2019, great show and talent," remarked one viewer. "Can't be easy being out there hours on end but fair play."

"This guys [sic] core strength must be on a whole another level," joked a second.

"Not sure about the safety of all that paint on his skin but very impressive!!" wrote a third while a fourth questioned: "Body brace or not, how flimsy does that spade look?"

However, some people still couldn't help but speculated that the Silverman has an invisible chair, which really would be something.

What do you think of the act?

Featured Image Credit: silvermanstatueofficial/TikTok

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