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Matty Healy finally addresses some of his bizarre behaviour on stage

Matty Healy finally addresses some of his bizarre behaviour on stage

The 1975's frontman has often come under fire for his controversial behaviour, with Healy eating raw meat on stage after the admission.

Matty Healy has finally addressed some of his bizarre onstage behaviour.

He addressed the crowd during The 1975’s headline gig at Finsbury Park over the weekend, admitting there was ‘some stuff’ he got wrong.

The lead singer’s antics have become increasingly controversial in recent months, after he was seen kissing fans at gigs and once even making an anti-Semitic salute on stage.

And over the weekend, the lead singer decided to chomp on a raw tomahawk steak – much to the disgust of some 45,000 fans who were present.

At the end of their highly anticipated set at Finsbury Park, he swigged wine from the bottle and opened his shirt as he gnawed at the uncooked meat - all before doing some casual press-ups.

It was in stark contrast to earlier in the gig, when Healy had attempted to address his past controversial behaviour.

He told the crowd: “The 1975 isn’t a dry band, there’s a lot of irony in it. Like 'Love Me' [one of their songs] for example. It doesn’t make sense unless I take the p**s out of myself.

Matty Healy chowed down on raw steak at his Finsbury Park gig.
Rhiannon Ingle

“I was always trying stuff and some stuff I got right and some stuff I got wrong. There’s a lot of things that I’ve said, jokes that I’ve made and there’s probably a couple of songs I’d take back if I had the choice.

“I’m only doing this because I want to make you guys laugh and feel good because that’s what my favourite art does and that’s all I’m trying to do and I get a bit excited, and you know what I’m proud of myself.”

It’s just the latest in his often-bizarre behaviour, with the lead singer already coming under fire for a number of controversies.

Earlier this year, he made a number of crude jokes about rapper Ice Spice on a podcast.

During The Adam Friedland Show, the 34-year-old laughed along as Friedland made several remarks about the rapper’s ethnicity and called her ‘chubby’.

The singer has been involved in several controversies this year.
Getty/Shirlaine Forrest

Healy also said he watches hardcore pornography channel Ghetto Gaggers, leading many to accuse the singer of fetishizing women of colour.

Understandably, the episode caused such controversy that was removed from Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Though Healy has since apologised, his bizarre behaviour continued with him kissing several fans during live gigs and smooching a crowd safety worker in Denmark.

During a January show, the frontman appeared to do a Nazi salute while on stage, later referring to Kanye West – who was dropped by Balenciaga for his antisemitic remarks.

Featured Image Credit: SIPA US / Twitter/@Viralmaterialz

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