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Example Explains What A Nando's Black Card Actually Gets You

Example Explains What A Nando's Black Card Actually Gets You

The 37-year-old rapper explained that he was one of the original people to get a Nando's black card

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Example has spoken out about what his Nando's black card gets him (and for starters it's not even called a 'black card'):

Let's rewind for anyone who doesn't know what's going on. An entire decade ago, a small name artist called Ed Sheeran was supporting Example on his tour.

On 10 May 2010, the pair freestyled a song they called the 'Nando's Skank' when they were together backstage at The Waterfront in Norwich, Norfolk.

In it, Sheeran came up with the lyrics: "Yo, and we eat chicken for free / Cause he's got a black card you see".

The pair ten whole years ago.

Now, ten years on, Example has spoken about his beloved Nando's black card - which he's had for 13 years.

Speaking on the Happy Hour Podcast, the 37-year-old rapper said: "I was in the original five people [who got the Nando's black card]. I'm pretty sure there was a Peter Kay or a Johnny Vegas and I'm not just going fat, Northern comedian.

"Then I think it was like a Man United footballer - maybe a Rio Ferdinand or a Michael Carrick. Andi Peters the old TV presenter had one."

Speaking about how he's still got one to this day, Example - real name Elliot Gleave - continued: "I've had one for 13 years. I brought Sheeran into Nando's, I got Stormzy his black card as well."

Example explained what he gets with the card: "It's actually called the high five card, not the black card. It is obviously a black little card. Over the years I've had metal ones and plastic ones. It comes in a fancy box.

"It's called the high five card because it's you plus four friends. So it's five meals, with drinks and sides - no alcohol."

Going back to the 'Nando's Skank' (and more specifically Ed), Example said: "To give it some perspective, Ed had 10,000 Twitter followers and I had 120,000. It was filmed on a GoPro and I uploaded it the same day because I said I was going to do a tour video every day.

"I think he supported maybe five or six of those gigs. I had been watching him on YouTube, someone handed me one of his CDs in 2008 and I was like 'wow, this kid's voice is incredible'."

Ed Sheeran went on to do a stadium tour.

Recalling a poignant memory between the pair, Example added: "I remember after the first tour he did with me, I gave him a bottle of Jack Daniels and a card and I said 'when you play stadiums don't forget me, I want to come and support'.

"Then when he played Wembley the first round of times, I got the call. I was like 'serious?' And he went 'you don't remember, do you?' I was like 'no'. He was like, 'you gave me a bottle of JD and said that when I play stadiums could you come and support'.

"So after his first gig, I knew he was going to play stadiums. He was too good."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Happy Hour Podcast

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