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Fans Flip The Finger At Machine Gun Kelly And Get In His Face As He Performs Eminem Diss

Fans Flip The Finger At Machine Gun Kelly And Get In His Face As He Performs Eminem Diss

Here we go again, and this time the fans are fighting back

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Hey, guess what? There's yet another chapter in the seemingly interminable war of words between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem.

So far, it's spilled over into several songs, an argument with Iggy Azalea, a performance with Fall Out Boy, and now the fans are hitting back.

Yes, the paying public are now embroiling themselves in the biggest rap argument since Jay Z and Kanye West couldn't agree who was endorsed by the better streaming platform. Lord almighty.

Machine Gun Kelly was performing live on stage at yet another Fall Out Boy concert - seriously, do fans of awful early noughties emo bands also like this? - when a fan started filming himself flipping the bird towards MGK and roaring abuse at him.

Coincidentally - or not, as the case may be - this was just as he'd launched into one of the aforementioned diss tracks aimed at Marshall Mathers III. The fan was giving it his all, too.

For a man at a MGK concert, he sure seems to have taken Slim Shady's side on this, he's only the support act, maybe go to the bar and come back for the headliner?

Either way, he attracted the attention of Kelly, who made a beeline from the stage, vaulted a barrier, and started rapping the song right up in the offending guy's grill (am I doing it right?).

Well, this only spurred the angry fan on. He was then getting even closer, or as close as you'd want to get to a guy who is being backed up by the absolute unit of a security man who also arrived on the scene.


All the while, MGK kept on going through the song (what a pro) and continued gesticulating towards the heckler.

You'd have to suspect that everyone was just posturing in the way that young men like to do when they're playing music. In the end, it all looks a bit silly.

The only one who came out of this looking double 'ard was the security guy. Nobody in that scenario was messing with him.

Either way, it now feels as if it's all a bit stage managed. We've learned that the same person produced both Eminem and MGK's diss tracks, which feels like it can't have been an accident.


Both rappers could use a shot in the arm for their career as well, Em needs to remain relevant, Kelly needs to try to become relevant. It's a marriage of convenience for both parties.

You would have to suspect that we've not heard the last of it, either.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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