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‘Planet Snoop’ Is The Nature Documentary We All Need

‘Planet Snoop’ Is The Nature Documentary We All Need

Thank you Uncle Snoop.

Planet Earth was a real great TV show because David Attenborough has a silky smooth voice and really knows his animals. But did David Attenborough hit the blunt before he entered the booth to record his commentary, probably not. Did Uncle Snoop? Almost definitely.

There has been a long-running segment on Jimmy Kimmel where Snoop narrates animal footage. It's enlightening, it really is. It was so wildly popular that a petition titled "Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate Whole Season of Planet Earth" emerged and quickly garnered thousands of signatures.

Being a man of the people, Snoop has taken it upon himself to bring us Planet Snoop. It's a new original series and will be hosted exclusively on MERRY JANE, the rapper's extremely Cannabis-orientated media platform.

Here's a look at it.

This is what we wanted, thank you dear Uncle.

Words by Matthew Cooper

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Topics: Snoop Dogg, Planet Earth, Nature