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Snoop Dogg Is Releasing A Lullaby Album Adapting His Greatest Hits For Babies

Snoop Dogg Is Releasing A Lullaby Album Adapting His Greatest Hits For Babies

It includes classic tracks like 'Gin and Juice' and 'Drop it Like it's Hot'

If you've ever had a child of your own, you will know all to well the utter joy that is trying to get them to sleep and stay that way.

As you're stood there at 4am, desperately begging them to stop crying and give you a few more hours of rest, I bet you're thinking: "I wish they'd brought out a lullaby version of Snoop Dogg's 'Doggy Dog World'. That would do the trick."

Well, as luck would have it, they are doing just that. So you can get your little one hooked on rapper's back catalogue from day one.

Yes, the 48-year-old is set to release a children's album titled 'Rockabye Baby! lullaby renditions of snoop dogg'. It's packed full of hits, including 'Gin and Juice', 'Drop it like it's Hot' and 'Sensual Seduction'.

The album includes some of Snoop's greatest hits.
Rockabye Baby! Music

Now, while there will be plenty of parents out their horrified about the prospect of their child listening to lyrics such as 'See I specialize in making all the girls get naked' or 'You roll so good you might as well let me hit it, for like 15 minutes, girl, you never gon' forget it', there are no words to the songs.

Instead, they are instrumental interpretations of each track, intended to help your tot drift back off to sleep.

The album is being released in partnership with Rockabye Baby! Music, known for making lullaby instrumentals of big name artists such as Eminem and Kanye West.

The album is set to be released on 6 December, but a vinyl version was available last month to coincide with November's Record Store Day.

Probably not the first person you'd think of when considering a lullaby album for your baby.

Speaking about his career earlier this year, Snoop revealed that he just loves making and listening to good music and that he's not interested in making money.

He said: "I love the way that good music feels. Even if it ain't mine, I just love how that s*** feels.

"But when it's mine it feels even better because I'm able to do it. I've made projects before that weren't good, but they felt good to me. And that's all I give a f**k about.

"I don't care about this sold eight million, 100,000, 22,000 or 17. Who cares? If you ain't doing it for the feeling, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. You should never be doing it to make money or become famous. That isn't what this game was built on.

"Anyone who's ever been successful or a megastar? They love this s*** first and foremost, more than anything."

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