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Usher Set To Release Follow Up Album To Confessions

Usher Set To Release Follow Up Album To Confessions

He said the album will be released 'soon'

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Warning: Some videos in this article contain strong language

Usher looks like he's set to release a brand new album, which will be a follow up to the hugely successful Confessions.

The 41-year-old RnB star gave fans a sneak peek of the new album during a performance at Live from the Cricket Lounge in Los Angeles last month.

Usher has teamed up with Jermaine Dupri for the album, who previously co-wrote and co-produced a number of tracks from Confessions including the song 'Confessions, Pt. II'.

Dupri took to Twitter to promise fans the new album was the 'realest' and the third Confessions song would be from a 'female's perspective'.

After sharing the snippet online, fans were quick to demand a release date for the new album with one asking: "But when the album dropping though y'all been teasing us for like a year maybe even longer Jermaine?"

A second wrote: "Man I wanna hear the rest... when does the album drop?"

While a third chipped in: "So, Usher needs to hurry and give me 'Confessions Parts 3-10', I don't care I'll take it all."

Confessions was released all the way back in March 2004 and fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow up ever since.

Over the years, Usher has teased that a sequel to Confessions is in the works. Last March, he posted a photograph of himself on Instagram in which he was sat next to a whiteboard with the words 'Confessions 2' written on and the caption: "Dis what y'all want?"

And on an appearance on The Ellen Show last week he revealed it would be released 'soon'. Well, that's nice and vague isn't it?

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