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Man filmed his reaction to finding out he's got Blink-182 'I walk alone' lyric wrong his whole life

Man filmed his reaction to finding out he's got Blink-182 'I walk alone' lyric wrong his whole life

Blink-182 fan Zach wasn't alone in his realisation

You know when you've spent your life thinking one thing, only to have your mind blown completely when you realise you've been wrong for decades?

Well, thanks to Blink-182, one man's managed to capture that mind-blowing moment on camera.

As every music fan does when hearing a new track, TikTok user Zach listened to the band's 1999 song 'What's My Age Again' and got to know the lyrics he heard singer Mark Hoppus belting out.

The lyrics are easy enough to understand, as they tell the story of a 23-year-old guy debating whether he's really acting his age while he struggles with dates and pulls pranks.

As a result, Zach probably accepted that what he thought he heard was right, and what he thought he heard was as follows: "I took her out, it was a Friday night, I walk alone to get the feeling right."

Admittedly, this lyric doesn't make a lot of sense.

If he's taking a girl out on a date, then why would he walk alone? Surely that would be the last thing you wanted to do if you were hoping to 'get the feeling right'?

Still, it definitely sounds like Hoppus says 'walk alone', so for years, that's what Zach thought the lyrics said.

It wasn't until this month that he shared a video of himself learning the truth - that Hoppus didn't 'walk alone'. Instead, he 'wore cologne'.

Did you think he wore cologne or walked alone?

That definitely makes sense to help him 'get the feeling right', doesn't it?

And Zach was clearly baffled by the revelation and could hardly comprehend the fact that he'd been wrong for so many years, saying: "Wait, so it's always been 'I wore cologne' and NOT 'I walk alone'?"

"Young me is screaming," the Blink-182 fan wrote alongside the video.

It soon became clear that Zach wasn't the only one who'd been duped by the song lyrics, with many TikTokers also admitting they'd been just like him once too.

"The fun you thing is when you know saying walk alone feels weird but I never once questioned it when I thought that was the line," one person commented.

Others joined Zach in learning the real lyrics for the first time, with one admitting they were 'way too old to just be realising this', while another added: "omg! that makes much more sense...."

Then there were those TikTok users who, after spending years convinced the lyric was 'I walk alone', downright refused to accept the truth.

"No, I refuse to accept this," wrote one.

As much as you might not want to hear it, it's true. Hoppus wore cologne, and he did not walk alone.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @zachfireball/YouTube / Blink 182

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