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The touching reason Coldplay played with Michael J Fox at Glastonbury

The touching reason Coldplay played with Michael J Fox at Glastonbury

This isn't the first time Michael J Fox has joined Coldplay on stage

Making history last night, Coldplay treated a huge crowd and viewers at home to a mega headline set.

The band performed on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage for the fifth time (the only act to have done so) and brought out various special guests.

Debuting new music with the likes of Little Simz and a teaser from Burna Boy, Coldplay also surprised fans with an appearance from the one and only Michael J. Fox for tracks ‘Humankind’ and ‘Fix You’.

And while BBC viewers at home spotted an incredible thing the actor did during the performance, there is a reason behind him coming on stage.

The 63-year-old is of course well known for playing Marty McFly in the Back to the Future films.

Turns out, the son of frontman Chris Martin, Moses (who he shared with ex Gwyneth Paltrow), is a big fan of a key scene in the legendary flick.

Of course, in one of the scenes, McFly stuns a crowd as he rocks out on his guitar and says: “I kinda guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet.

“But your kids are gonna love it.”

Michael J. Fox joined Coldplay on stage. (BBC)
Michael J. Fox joined Coldplay on stage. (BBC)

Back in 2016, Fox joined Coldplay to recreate the scene during a performance in New Jersey, US, as Martin explained the film was his and Moses’ ‘favourite movie of all time’.

And during last night’s Glastonbury set, they of course paid tribute to Back to the Future with Fox.

Speaking during the set, Marin said: "The main reason why we're in a band is because of watching Back to the Future.

"So thank you to our hero forever and one of the most amazing people on Earth, Mr Michael J. Fox. Thank you so much, Michael."

While performing the typically tear-jerking ‘Fix You’, Martin switched up the lyrics to include a bit of ‘Johnny B. Goode’ – that Chuck Berry tune which McFly of course plays in the film.

While the actor may have been in a wheelchair during the performance on the Pyramid Stage, he still pulled out a perfect move.

Fox in Back to the Future. (Universal/Getty Images)
Fox in Back to the Future. (Universal/Getty Images)

During the classic 80s film, when his character is performing to the audience, he goes a little wild hopping across the stage and kicking his legs out.

And while McFly realised they probably weren’t quite ready for it, the Glastonbury crowd certainly were, as viewers noticed he let out a ‘perfectly timed kick into the air’ during ‘Johnny B. Goode’.

Some said the moment ‘absolutely sent me into floods’ as they described the star as ‘a treasure’.

Well, it seems last night’s historical performance was just another example of Martin’s close relationship with the actor – and his absolute fangirling over Back to the Future.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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