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Eminem's child Stevie was forced to lip sync dad's song in front of entire school

Eminem's child Stevie was forced to lip sync dad's song in front of entire school

They shared the footage on TikTok

Following in a parent's footsteps is one thing, but being forced to do so is an entirely different - potentially traumatising - kettle of fish.

No one knows that more than Eminem's 22-year-old child Stevie, who has revealed that they were once forced to perform one of their father's rap tracks in front of their whole school.

Though Stevie posted the cringe-worthy video back in 2021, it has since remained viral on social media.

Reliving their trauma on TikTok, Stevie explained that their choir teacher got them to lip-sync the track 'Rap God', which is from their father Eminem's 2013 release The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

"Thinking about the time my choir teacher made me lip sync 'Rap God' in front of my entire school and everyone's families," the caption read.

It was then that the then-youngster was seen performing on stage, alongside a group of other students, in front of the whole school.

Despite many of Stevie's followers joking that the predicament they previously found themselves in would make a sensational 'villain origin story', others only had one question in mind: what did the real Slim Shady think about their performance?

Stevie shared the video on TikTok.

Replying to one user who asked said question, Stevie joked: "Was jealous I performed it better than him LMAOO I'm jk thought it was funny."

The 21-year-old shared a TikTok back in 2021, opening up about being gender fluid, meaning they don’t identify as having a fixed gender.

They put together a video montage, with a series of photos of themself from over the years.

It was posted with the words: "Watch me become more comfortable with myself."

And more recently Stevie revealed they were in their first ever serious relationship.

Taking to their sister Hailie Jade Scott's Just a Little Shady podcast, Stevie said they'd just set up home with their long-term boyfriend.

“He moved in with me last year, like December. It’s going really well, we’ve been together like two years now,” they said.

Stevie recently opened up about their new relationship.

“It’s hard but I feel like if you really have a connection with someone it can work, especially if you make time for it to work," Stevie added.

“It’s a pretty hard thing but it’s a lot easier and it’s worth it once you get to live together and actually experience those things.”

The youngest of Eminem’s kids - born to ex-wife Kim Scott and later legally adopted by the rap star - insisted their dating experience has been 'really fun' so far, and called it a 'learning experience'.

"I’d say this is my first serious relationship," Stevie explained. "In my adult life."

Throughout their relationship with their boyfriend, Stevie has shared various snaps to Instagram with captions such as 'you make my heart sing'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@st0nedc0w

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