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Sad truth behind Michael Jackson’s nose surgeries

Sad truth behind Michael Jackson’s nose surgeries

All has been revealed on the King of Pop's plastic surgery

The King of Pop had a number of plastic surgeries over his lifetime, as his look changed throughout the years.

But fans have always been curious as to why Michael Jackson felt the need to change the way he looked so drastically.

Jackson is viewed as one of the most talented and influential artists of all-time, with his 'Thriller' album still the best selling album of all time, a good 21 million clear of second place.

But as one of the most popular musical figures, Jackson was one of the most scrutinised, and to this day, he arguably still is.

Perhaps his upcoming biopic will offer us more insight into who the man really was, but for now all we have is archive videos and stories from those who knew him.

A subject that has always interested the public was Jackson's ever-changing appearance throughout the decades, and it looks like his bodyguard may just have revealed all on the changes.

From the 1980s to the 1990s alone, the star's appearance changed.
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty

Matt Fiddes is a Swindon-born celebrity trainer who is also the self-proclaimed 'owner of the world's largest martial arts schools.'

But before all of that, he was a bodyguard for none other than Michael Jackson.

Featuring as a guest on 'The Steven Sulley Study' podcast, Fiddes was asked by Sulley about the change to his nose, and did so as a TikTok clip of the podcast has amassed over 130k views.

He explained: "He used to get teased by his family a lot over the size of his nose - being called big nose and all of this stuff."

"He used to say his dad used to be the main one - 'you didn't get that from me, you got that from your mom, you didn't get that from my side of the family' - it hurt him a lot." Fiddes explained.

But that ultimately wasn't the reason.

Fiddes went on: "Michael used to dance about three hours a day on average. At one stage he was doing 50 spins in a row - it was unbelievable.

"He fell over and broke his nose and he saw it as the perfect opportunity while he was under anaesthetic to just get a smaller nose."

Matt Fiddes spoke about the work Michael Jackson had on his nose on The Steven Sulley Study podcast.

Jackson underwent his first rhinoplasty surgery in 1979, and went on to have several more.

Fiddes also stated that he didn't speak to the singer about the extent of each surgery in detail, but said that it was clear that he altered his nose.

The ex-bodyguard also suggested that Jackson knew that people paid a lot of attention to his appearance, and that Jackson would play on it.

"A lot of times how the media would have seen him is not how I would have seen him,

"He would make himself look ridiculous to wind the media up."

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