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Netflix fans left 'unable to breathe' after watching terrifying horror movie Alive

Netflix fans left 'unable to breathe' after watching terrifying horror movie Alive

Viewers have called the South Korean zombie film an 'emotional rollercoaster'

Netflix subscribers were 'unable to breathe' after watching a zombie horror film dubbed an 'emotional rollercoaster'.

Watch the trailer below if you're brave enough:

Alive is a South Korean zombie movie about what happens when a zombie apocalypse begins while you’re living at home alone in an apartment with nowhere to go. It’s the worst nightmare for a lot of people who love hypothetical zombie survival situations but in this 2020 film, it actually happens.

Directed by Cho Il-hyung, it revolves around an unassuming video game live streamer, Oh Joon-woo (Yoo Ah-in) from Seoul who struggles to survive when zombies attack his apartment.

The official plot for the film teases: “A grisly virus rampages a city, a lone man stays locked inside his apartment, digitally cut off from seeking help and desperate to find a way out."

Alive was released globally on Netflix in September 2020 but that hasn’t stopped horror fans from discovering it in the years that have passed since.

A streamer is stuck in his apartment when the zombies attack.

It also garnered mostly positive reviews from critics and holds an approval rating of 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus reads: “Well-acted, genuinely unsettling, and occasionally even funny, #Alive proves the crowded zombie genre still has fresh stories to tell.”

One spooked viewer tweeted: “@netflix You should add the warning 'emotional rollercoaster' or 'it's so intense you might pee yourself' to the movie #Alive. I was not prepared for the wonderful spectacular-ness of this masterpiece. My heart is still racing. I cried I laughed I was so scared for the characters.”

Another Alive watcher wrote: “If y’all need a good scary movie trust me watch #ALIVE it’s amazing I promise! It’s on Netflix. You’re welcome.”

A third Netflix subscriber shared: "We watched #Alive on Netflix and it's the only zombie movie that has ever scared me, I couldn't breathe for the first 20min."

And one review said: “Really inventive zombie set pieces, engaging leads, scary and heartwarming at the same time.”

The movie has garnered mostly positive reviews.

While someone else wrote: “I also LOOOOVE #Alive which is another Korean zombie movie. I love a slow burner type of zombie movie. If we are going for TV then in my opinion Kingdom on Netflix is another Korean series that is just so amazing and kept me scared the whole way through."

Once you're done watching Alive, check out the heart-wrenching zombie series All of Us Are Dead which is just as harrowing as the title suggests.

The zombie thriller is based on the popular webtoon Now At Our School, and takes place in a high school that becomes overrun with zombies, with students forced to decide whether to hide, flee or fight.

“Zombies have overrun our school. Will you escape, die or unite to survive?” Netflix teases in the description of the trailer, which shows hoards of the undead dressed in school uniforms as terrified students fight for their survival.

The series features a young ensemble cast, starring Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, and Jo Yi-hyun, and was written by Lee Jae-Gyu.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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