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Netflix cancels popular fantasy series dubbed 'X-rated Harry Potter' after just one season

Netflix cancels popular fantasy series dubbed 'X-rated Harry Potter' after just one season

The show landed on the streaming platform in October

A Netflix show branded an ‘X-rated Harry Potter’ has been cancelled after just one season.

The B*stard Son and The Devil Himself landed on Netflix back in October, after being adapted from the young adult book series Half Bad by Sally Green. You can see a bit of it here:

The show, which was described as ‘really violent’ by its writer Joe Barton, centred on a 16-year-old boy who finds himself caught up in an ongoing war between the rival ‘fairborn’ and ‘blood’ witches.

After bingeing their way through the eight episodes, fans flocked to social media to heap praise on the show, with one writing: “The B*stard Son and The Devil Himself is one of THE BEST shows I’ve seen come out of Netflix in a LONG time. Even outside of Netflix easily Top 3 it’s incredible.”

Another said: “The B*stard Son and The Devil Himself is the best show Netflix has ever put out! I honestly could not stop watching, binged the whole thing barely stopping for bathroom breaks lol.”

The show stars Jay Lycurgo, Nadia Parkes and Emilien Vekemans.

Meanwhile, the series was dubbed an 'X-rated Harry Potter' in The Times, where it earned an impressive four out of five stars.

However, fans will be left feeling bitterly disappointed after it has been announced there won’t be a second season of the show.

Production company ​​The Imaginarium took to Twitter to say: “Half Bad is a show we are incredibly proud of, which gained stellar reviews, along with a fiercely loyal global fanbase. While we are disappointed not to continue the story, we have loved working with such a talented cast and crew on bringing our beloved show to life.”

While writer Barton, posted: “Sadly, yes, Netflix have cancelled this. Very proud of it and really liked the people I got to make it with. Sorry not to be able to finish the story…”


Expressing their disappointment, one fan wrote: “They cancelled The B*stard Son And The Devil Himself. It was sooo good. I just got into it man I’m p***ed.”

Someone else said: “The Bastard Son And The Devil Himself is being cancelled. I want to crawl up in a hole and cry.”

And a third commented: “I can't believe they cancelled The Bastard Son And The Devil Himself like wtf it was so good!”

The show’s cancellation will likely come as a shock to fans, as the series currently holds an impressive 7.6 on IMDB and a near-perfect 93 percent on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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