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Netflix Confirms Stranger Things Season 4's Release Date

Netflix Confirms Stranger Things Season 4's Release Date

The cast are back as well as some new, familiar faces

Guys, it's here... Stranger Things has announced that the fourth season will drop in two parts. The first on 27 May and the second on 1 July. Check out the trailer here:

Today, the show dropped a series of posts on Twitter counting down to the all important release date for the penultimate season.

When the date, well dates - the sneaky beggars - were released Stranger Things shared a picture of a letter written from the creators.

Matt and Ross Duffer wrote: "It's been a little while. With nine scrips, over eight-hundred pages, almost two years of filming, thousands of visual effects shots, and a runtime nearly twice the length of any previous seasons, Stranger Things 4 was the most challenging season yet, but also the most rewarding one.

"Everyone involved is incredibly proud of the results, and we can't wait to share it with you."

Netflix/Stranger Things

Taking it back to today's first post from the Twitter account, which was captioned: "001. Russia. Getting the band back together. Bring a jacket," alongside a picture with the message: "Every ending has a beginning."

The next update read: "002. The Lab. Every story starts somewhere."

The third post was captioned: "003. Creel House. Tick-tock."

Towards the end of last year, Netflix revealed the episode titles for the series which are as follows: 'The Hellfire Club', 'Vecna's Curse', 'The Monster And The Superhero', 'Dear Billy', 'The Nina Project', 'The Dive', 'The Massacre At Hawkins Lab', 'Papa' and 'The Piggyback'.

The announcement was made on 6 November and fans of the show will know that was a significant day in the world of Stranger Things.

As Netflix explained: "On November 6, 1983, Will Byers went missing in Hawkins, Indiana. Long after the town gave up the search, his friends kept looking... and discovered a mysterious girl known only by a number: Eleven. 

"She was alone, hunted, and extremely powerful. Eleven would stop at nothing to help them find their friend."

There will be some familiar faces in the upcoming series. Robert Englund, who played the famous Freddy Kruger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, will take on the role of Victor Creel - a 'disturbed and intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the 1950s'.

Eduardo Franco will play Argyle - Jonathan's new BFF - and Jamie Campbell Bower will take on the role of Peter Ballard - an orderly at a psychiatric hospital.

Sherman Augustus will play Lt. Colonel Sullivan, an 'intelligent, no-nonsense man who believes he knows how to stop the evil in Hawkins once and for all'.

And finally, Mason Dye will play Jason Carver, 'a handsome, rich athlete who is dating the most popular girl in school'.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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