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Netflix viewers seriously disappointed at ‘creepy’ new film Run Rabbit Run

Ben Thompson

| Last updated 

A new Netflix film has users seriously disappointed as they slammed it as 'dumb' and declared they'd cancel Netflix if it didn't impress them.

Run Rabbit Run is a horror film centred around a fertility doctor called Sarah, played by Sarah Snook.

When Sarah's daughter starts acting strangely, she is forced to confront a ghost from her past and challenge her own beliefs.

Run Rabbit Run has disappointed several viewers. Credit: Netflix
Run Rabbit Run has disappointed several viewers. Credit: Netflix

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a Tomatometer score on 37 percent and a dismal audience score of 32 percent.

Some reviewers did recommend the film to others, as one fan wrote: "Just a few minutes in, I could tell that there was a strong Sixth Sense/The Shining vibe going on, which increased as this movie continued- especially with the echoey sound effects.

"This indicates real or imaginary GHOSTS! So it gets high marks for being atmospheric, although this can also mean being kind of one-note.

"The acting by the two main characters is excellent."


Another favourable review noted: "I loved the movie! Great acting, script and cinematography. A movie that makes you think and more suspense than horror."

However, these endorsements were in the vast minority online.

One disappointed viewer grumbled: "The movie Run Rabbit Run is dumb af [as f**k]."

Another wrote: "I’m like an hour into this f**kin Run Rabbit Run movie and I swear to god if this movie doesn’t get good I’m canceling Netflix.


"How the f**k is this the number 1 movie rn [right now] I’m so not entertained that I’m on twitter."

Run Rabbit Run focuses on a fertility nurse. Credit: Netflix
Run Rabbit Run focuses on a fertility nurse. Credit: Netflix

A fellow viewer shared a screenshot of her two star review from Letterboxd, as she wrote: "Shamelessly inserting my own review for Run Rabbit Run because I'm baffled at how bad it was I'm so sorry Sarah Snook."

This film's negative reception makes it an outlier among other Netflix films, which have often frightened viewers to the point where they warn others not to watch - because they're so scary.


Eerie was one such film, set in an all-girls Catholic school which was haunted by the spirit of a student who committed suicide.

One said: "In my opinion, #EerieMovie is a masterclass in Philippine horror filmmaking genre.”

Another shaken-up viewer wrote: "Watched Eerie today. Nice movie! It’s just so funny that I’m laughing at myself because I’m too scared that I keep on screaming and covering half of my eyes while watching."

A third concurred: "Just watched Eerie on Netflix and now i don't know if i can sleep tonight."


Better to be scared to death than bored to death eh?

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Ben Thompson
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