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People divided as Netflix cancels ‘the best movie of all time’

People divided as Netflix cancels ‘the best movie of all time’

Fans online aren't happy with Netflix after cancelling a great film idea

There have been several new films coming out of the woodworks as of late and fans have been rejoicing.

But there’s also the other end of the spectrum where so many great shows and movies are being needlessly cancelled.

A seemingly huge contributor to this is the popular streaming service, Netflix.

And recently another film is reported to have been put on the chopping block.

The culprit?

Director Adam McKay, who has gone on to bin an amazing film idea in a bid to work on other projects, such as a climate-related production.

According to Deadline, this new climate change project has been getting all of his attention and will no longer be directing the Netflix movie Average Height, Average Build - which sounded like a fantastic watch.

Adam McKay.
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for US-Ireland Alliance

Not only will he not be going forward with directing it but no one will be taking his place - meaning that the project will be cancelled indefinitely.

And after reading its planned synopsis and star-studded cast, social media users are not happy about this decision.

With actors on the cast list such as Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams and Robert Downey Jr. the film seemed as though it was going to be the next best killer thriller for crime junkies.

It was planned to follow Pattinson, who would have been playing a serial killer who joins politics in order to change laws to be more murder-friendly so that he can get away with his crimes more easily.

Robert Pattinson was meant to play a serial killer (

Downey was also set to play a retired police officer, obsessed with the unsolved murders and hellbent on solving the case, but it becomes a struggle as the two men play a game of cat and mouse.

And fans cannot fathom why the film isn't happening - and are not letting it off the hook.

One person wasn’t surprised by the news, writing on X ((formerly Twitter): “Netflix cancelling something Good is what we've seen before.

"They probably gonna bring 5 more movies in the same budget with absolute trash story.”

Robert Downey Jr was also supposed to have a role.
Universal Pictures

Another added: “That would have been so cool,” while a third wrote: “Actually sounds interesting so not surprised it’s cancelled.”

One person was vengeful about it , writing: “They cancel this but greenlit the most average film Fincher could ever choose to make?”

And someone else commented: “Robert Patterson [sic] and RDJ in the same franchise would have been amazing.”

LADbible has reached out to Netflix for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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