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Netflix fans urged to watch movie with 'greatest plot twist in the history of cinema'

Netflix fans urged to watch movie with 'greatest plot twist in the history of cinema'

Despite the film being just a fun rom com, it's an absolutely shock

There always seems to be something new to watch on one streaming site or another.

From a ‘must watch’ comedy on BBC iPlayer to Netflix’s new sci-fi series, it just seems overwhelming to narrow down the newbies and pick one.

So, sometimes we just go for what we know and throw on a classic banger we already love.

And Netflix is absolutely brimming with those too, with viewers urging others to watch a movie with the ‘greatest plot twist in the history of cinema’.

Ok, so big film buffs might not be totally thrilled with that statement, but there’s no denying how much of a spin it really was when you first saw it.

One fan took to X to share a legendary clip as they wrote: “This is kinda the greatest plot twist in the history of cinema when you think about it.”

But is it the initial reveal of what really goes on at Saltburn? The magical tricks of Now You See Me? The realisation of Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club?

Nope, It’s Crazy, Stupid Love, obviously.

The iconic film came out back in 2011 and stars the likes of Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Steve Carell.

The rom com follows Cal Weaver (Carell) after separating from his wife as he learns how to charm women.

And the man who teaches him all that is Jacob (Gosling), a womaniser. But he is shocked to be rejected by a woman, named Hannah (Stone).

An iconic film.
Warner Bros

So, here comes the twist, Hannah ends up pursing Jacob and they begin to date and he finally gets all romantic. But when he goes to meet her parents, it turns out that, of course, her dad is Cal.

All of this results in a hilarious and legendary face-off and fight – with the involvement of some other blokes from tangled-up storylines like David, played by Kevin Bacon, who had been sleeping with Cal's wife (Julianne Moore).

And one user simply wrote on X: “We don’t see as many rom coms these days bc they’re afraid they’ll never top this scene.”

Another put: “The theatre was going nuts during this scene... it was such a plot twist.” Many called it ‘so chaotic’ and the ‘perfect scene’.

While others said: “Whenever I come across this scene, I will leave whatever I am doing and watch it. absolute GOAT plot twist. love it.”

With another echoing: “This whole movie is just perfection honestly.”

Crazy, Stupid, Love is currently streaming on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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